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Food, Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles:



Mind Your Mind
  • Mindfulness and Healthy Eating:

MIND YOUR MIND FOR HEALTHIER EATING: Have you ever eaten when you were not hungry? Eaten in front of a screen such as a TV or computer without being aware of your meal? Have you ever over-eaten due to an emotional state such as excitement or stress? All of these are examples of “mindless eating”. But what does it mean to be mindful when we eat? READ MORE HERE…

Mindful Family Meals Wellness Wednesday video

  • 7 Common Sense Tips for Optimizing Your Immune System

    Keeping yourself healthy and free from diseases is the role of your immune system. Immunity is the body’s ability to use its natural defenses, through a body-wide, organized system of specialized cells, tissues, and organs. Proper Immune function is influenced by many factors, some of them modifiable (such as diet and physical activity) and others that are not (such as increasing age, or the presence of underlying medical conditions). READ MORE HERE


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