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The Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Office investigative unit is overseen by the Chief of Detectives. The investigative units are staffed with sworn detectives; detectives are sworn law enforcement officers and hold police powers in criminal matters. Detectives investigate criminal matters, assist local law enforcement, and assist the Assistant Prosecutors.

The investigative unit is divided into two divisions: Criminal Investigative Divsiion and Investigative Services Division:


  Legal Unit

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  Major Crimes Unit

The MCU is responsible for handling and/or assisting local law enforcement agencies with investigations involving homicide, other death investigations, burglaries, robberies, arson, fraud, fatal motor vehicle accidents, and other investigation and crimes within Hunterdon County.

The MCU and other units with the HCPO, are staffed with detectives who are specially trained in arson/fire investigation, crime scene investigation, and fatal accident reconstruction. The Arson Task Force is comprised of HCPO detectives, local law enforcement agency detectives, fire officials, and investigators from the NJ Division of Fire Safety, trained to investigate the origin and cause of fires.

The HCPO also is staffed with detectives who are trained in crime scene investigation, including fingerprint processing and identification, crime scene documentation, bloodstain pattern analysis, and crime scene reconstruction. Evidence is generally processed at the New Jersey State Police Lab.

  * Special Victims Unit

The SVU is responsible for handling investigations of sexual assault, child abuse, elder abuse, and abuse of special populations. The SVU  is comprised of specially trained detectives who are certified in child forensic interviewing. The SVU utilizes the Child Advocacy Center for interviews of children and other vulnerable populations. The CAC is an off-site location that is designed to put victims at ease through its’ off-site location and its’ relaxed atmosphere.

If you suspect child abuse, whether sexual or physical, contact the NJ Division of Child Protection & Permanency (DCPP) at 1-877-NJ-ABUSE. Reports may be made anonymously.

The SVU also handles the Megan’s Law cases for Hunterdon County.

  * Narcotics Task Force-Special Investigations

The NTF is responsible for narcotics investigations, as well as investigations involving gangs and gang-related activity. The NTF also gathers intelligence from both inside and outside the county to assist other units or other agencies with their investigations. The NTF also is staffed with a detective who is the K9 handler for the office’s two K9s.

The NTF is also responsible for Operation Helping Hand. Members of NTF actively connect persons suffering from addiction with support services. For more information regarding Operation Helping Hand, refer to the Programs Section of this website.


  * Forensics Services Unit

The Forensics Services Unit is responsible for evidence intake, maintenance, and storage for the entire office. The unit is also responsible for all digital and high-tech investigations. Detectives assigned to the FSU are continually trained in developments in digital/computer forensics. The computer forensic lab is fully equipped to allow specially trained detectives with the tools to conduct investigations into digital crimes. The unit detectives are members of the state-wide Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC), who’s focus is the investigation of crimes involving the exploitation of children on-line.

  * Grand Jury Unit

The Grand Jury Unit is comprised of Detectives and Agents whose mission is to compile all necessary documentation relating to a case so that a thorough legal review can be accomplished. The GJ Unit is essentially a pre-trial unit, in that all cases come through the unit, regardless of whether the case goes to GJ, trial, or is resolved at the pre-indictment stage. The staff works directly with state and local police agencies and, when necessary, conducts additional investigative work with a goal towards a timely resolution of a case. If the matter cannot be resolved, the unit is then responsible for seeing that the matter is presented to the Grand Jury.

  * Professional Standards Unit

The Professional Standards Unit is responsible for all internal affairs investigation involving members of the HCPO; the investigations may be administrative or criminal in nature. The PSU investigates all allegations of criminal conduct involving a law enforcement officer.  The PSU also screens all IA complaints made to local law enforcement agencies and assists local agencies with their own investigations. Pursuant to the Attorney General’s Internal Affairs Policy & Procedure (IAPP), the PSU is responsible for audits of the local law enforcement agencies. The PSU conducts reviews of pursuits and use of force reports, in conjunction with local agencies.

The Professional Standards Unit is tasked with investigating allegations of corruption involving public officials.

To make a complaint regarding the conduct or action of a law enforcement officer, contact either the PSU or the Internal Affairs officer of the local law enforcement agency. The IA complaint forms, as well as IA stats and policies, can be located in the Documents Section of this website. 


The Hunterdon County Office of Victim Witness Advocacy is responsible for providing support, information, and assistance to crime victims as they navigate through the criminal justice process. The goal of the Unit is to provide victims and witnesses services that will help them cope with the aftermath of victimization and help make their participation in the criminal justice system less difficult and burdensome.  The Victim Witness staff believes that crime victims have a right to be treated with dignity, compassion, and respect. Every effort is made to have personal contact with all victims, keep them informed of the status of their case, answer questions, acts as a liaison between the victim and Assistant Prosecutors, Detectives or Police Officers. Having this contact enables Advocates to build a rapport with victims that will carry throughout the duration of their case.


Victim Witness Brochure

Instructions for filling out a Victim Witness Impact Statement

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