tandards & Special Investigative Section (SSIS)

The SSIS was formed to assist all Hunterdon County Law Enforcement agencies with a shared centralized working group on maintaining standardized law enforcement policies and procedures. In addition, SSIS locally disseminates the state and federal mandated directives, guidelines, ethical standards, and core policies to the 14 local law enforcement agencies and sheriff's department.

Inspections/Audits: SSIS provides a service to all municipal law enforcement agencies in Hunterdon County in the form of inspections to maintain professional procedures and standards. The SSIS is also responsible for internal audits within the Hunterdon County Prosecutor's Office.

Cold Cases & Special Investigations: SSIS is tasked with the responsibility to form investigative groups to investigate and solve cold cases.

Joint Task Force / Shared Resources: SSIS is responsible in coordinating with federal, state, and local law and public safety agencies to form joint tasks forces to handle matters of multi-jurisdictional concern.

The SSIS is comprised of one full-time detective who works directly for the chief of county detectives. In addition to the above listed duties, the detective may also be tasked with assisting the IAIS and Criminal Investigative Section.

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