pecial Operations Unit

The Special Operations Unit is constituted by four main areas of responsibility: Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), Homeland Security, Intelligence and School Safety / Community Outreach. Personnel within the Special Operations Unit are trained in specific types of investigations and operations that often require specialized training and commitment to the public. Personnel often work with Local, County, State and Federal Agencies to assure these often high-profile investigations are brought to successful conclusions.

Recognizing that the presence of a highly-trained, high-skilled law enforcement crisis negotiation/tactical unit has been shown to substantially reduce the risk of injury or loss of life to citizens, law enforcement officers and suspects; and recognizing that a well-managed "team" response to critical incidents usually results in successful resolution of critical incidents, it is the intent of the Hunterdon County Prosecutor that the Hunterdon County Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team provide a highly trained and skilled crisis negotiation/tactical team as a resource for the law enforcement community and the citizens who live and work in Hunterdon County in the handling of critical incidents.

Homeland Security / Counter-Terrorism
The Hunterdon County Prosecutor's Office Counter-Terrorism Coordinator (CTC) works closely with Local, County, State and Federal Agencies in the administration of Homeland Security Grants, protecting Hunterdon County's Critical Infrastructure, reporting of Suspicious Activities (SARS) as well as assisting in investigations related to potential terrorist activities, jointly with the NJ Office of Homeland Security, NJ State Police, the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Forces and other entities.

Intelligence staff serves as an investigative support and information resource center for the law enforcement community. Analytical and technical assistance is provided in these investigations through the use of available resources and databases as investigative tools. The Intelligence Unit also provides assistance to local agencies involved in various investigations through access to numerous sources of information.

Community Outreach / School Safety
The Hunterdon County Prosecutor's Office recognizes the importance of communicating and sharing information with key aspects of our community such as commuters, business owners and schools. Specialized projects and details have been developed by the Hunterdon County Prosecutor's Office to strengthen the bond between law enforcement and the Community.