arcotics Task Force

The Narcotics Task Force is mandated by the Prosecutor to identify, investigate, and apprehend violators of New Jersey's Comprehensive Drug Reform Act. The Task Force utilizes a variety of investigative techniques to accomplish this mission. Methods commonly used include undercover and surface investigations supported by physical and electronic surveillance. The Task Force also targets local drug consumers who undeniably commit incidental crimes to support their addictions.

The Task Force also conducts and coordinates covert anti-crime operations designed to target criminal "hot spots" and crimes of a serial nature.

The Task Force is also responsible for investigating crimes related to criminal Street Gangs. Street Gangs pose a serious risk to the citizens of New Jersey and Hunterdon County is not immune from this threat. In addition to conducting investigations into gang-related activity, Task Force personnel compile, analyze, and distribute pertinent intelligence to other members of the law enforcement community.

The Task Force is staffed with full-time detectives from the Prosecutor's Office and works in collaboration with all law enforcement agencies within Hunterdon County. The Hunterdon County Prosecutors Office has a 24-hour anonymous telephone tip line and email address for any illegal drug activity. Citizens are encouraged to report suspected drug and gang activity to the following:

Telephone: 908-782-DRUG (3784)

Email: drugtips@co.hunterdon.nj.us