rson Investigation Unit

The Hunterdon County Prosecutor's Office Arson Investigation Unit is comprised of the Unit Commander and three Detectives.

These seasoned investigators are responsible for investigating all major fires within the county. All fires are not arsons, but need to be investigated to determine whether the fire was deliberately set or was accidental.

All Arson Investigation Unit members are trained in Origin and Cause determination, documentation photography, evidence search, collection and packaging, scene diagramming, fire scene reconstruction, and insurance fraud. The detectives provide expert courtroom testimony in all of the above specialty areas.

The Hunterdon County Arson Task Force is tasked with providing the Municipalities in Hunterdon County with a professionally staffed team, trained and equipped, to conduct all phases of fire investigations.

The Task Force is led by the HCPO Arson Investigation Unit Commander and is comprised of HCPO Detectives, Municipal Law Enforcement Officers, Municipal Fire Officials, New Jersey State Police Arson / Bomb Squad members, NJ Division of Fire Safety Investigators and Accelerant K-9 handlers, and volunteer fire personnel.

The Task Force is staffed with law enforcement officers to handle any and all criminal investigations, fire officials, who are familiar with and responsible for the enforcement of the Uniform Fire Safety Act and the Uniform Fire Safety Code, and fire personnel, to assist with scene investigation and reconstruction.

The Hunterdon County Arson Task Force will respond to all fires that result in the death or serious bodily injury to an emergency responder or civilians directly or indirectly related to the fire.

In addition, the Task Force will respond to all suspicious or intentionally set fires in occupied or unoccupied residential dwellings, suspicious or intentionally set fires in commercial or utility buildings, all fires in government buildings or grounds, and all fires in schools and religious facilities. The Task Force will also investigate all suspicious vehicle fires.