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A complete copy of the August 18, 2009 Meeting Minutes are available for review

Hunterdon County Administration Building
71 Main Street, Flemington, New Jersey 08822

2:45 Hunterdon County Utilities Authority Meeting


"This meeting is being held in accordance with the provisions of the Open Public Meetings Act. Adequate notice has been given by posting throughout the year a copy of the notice on Bulletin Boards on the First and Second Floor of the Main Street County Complex, Building #1, Flemington, New Jersey, a public place reserved for such announcements. A copy was mailed on or before August 13, 2009, to the Hunterdon County Democrat, Lambertville Beacon, The Express, Courier News, Trenton Times, Hunterdon Review and Star Ledger, newspapers designated to receive such notices and by filing a copy with the Hunterdon County Clerk.”


  1. To discuss legal matters.
  2. To discuss land issues.
  3. To discuss personnel issues.


IV. 4:30 PRESENTATION – County Health Benefits

V. PURCHASING, John P. Davenport, III

  1. RESOLUTION - Approving Requisition #3093, through State Contract #A-70256, with Dell, for infrastructure data center equipment, for the I.T. Department, in the amount of $236,691.00.


  1. RESOLUTION - Acknowledging compliance with the New Jersey Division of Local Government Services, in connection with the 2008 Audit.
  2. RESOLUTION- Authorizing the cancellation of improvement authorization balances.
  3. Request Board of Chosen Freeholders approval for the Director of Finance to request a budget modification for grant funds from the New Jersey Highlands Council for the Sustainable Agricultural Grant.

VII. IN-KIND PRINT REQUEST – Robert Thurgarland

  1. Delaware Township’s request for print services.
  2. Kingwood Township’s request for print services


  1. Timeline/Dates for the Budget Process.
  2. Leave Time - Volunteer Firefighters, First Aid/Rescue Squad Members.
  3. Consideration of (2) vacancies:
    1. Park Naturalist (discretionary service); Parks Department;
    2. Bridge Engineer (mandated service , N.J.S.A. 27:19), Roads, Bridges and Engineering Department.
  4. Amendment of Policy 95-2, Public Records, to reflect the changes in pricing for copies of public records.


“All matters listed under the Consent Agenda are considered to be routine by the Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Hunterdon and will be enacted by one motion in the form listed below. There will be no separate discussion of these items. If discussion is desired that item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and will be considered separately.”

  1. Motion to approve the claims in accordance with the Claims Register dated August 18, 2009.
  2. RESOLUTION - Melinda Mosurick, appointed temporary, interim, (fill a leave of absence) Family Service Worker, Division of Social Services, Department of Human Services.
  3. RESOLUTION - Elaine Mills-Winkler, Principal Clerk Typist, in the Prosecutor’s Office, is granted a maternity leave of absence, from August 5, 2009 to January 4, 2010.
  4. RESOLUTION - Stephanie Maretta, Senior Clerk Typist, in the Prosecutor’s Office, is granted a medical leave of absence, from August 5 to October 5, 2009.
  5. RESOLUTION - Authorizing Final Payment, Bid #2008-20, Re-surfacing various county roads, for Schifano Construction Company, in the amount of $26,405.77.
  6. RESOLUTION - Authorizing a contract modification, with Daytop, to extend the agreement termination date to December 31, 2009.
  7. RESOLUTION - Authorizing Change Order #2, for roof work damage repair at the Hall of Records/Southard Buildings, to J. Strober and Sons, LLC, for an increase in the amount of $2,500.00.
  8. RESOLUTION - Authorizing Payment #5-Final, to J. Strober and Sons, for the Hall of Records Roof Damage Repair, in the amount of $5,530.00.
  9. RESOLUTION - Authorizing Change Order #15, to Watertrol, Inc., for the Hall of Records Southard Building Roof Damages, for a decreased amount of $2,500.00.
  10. RESOLUTION - Approval to rescind current weight limit of 11 tons and establish a new reduced weight limit of 6 tons on Bridge RQ-179, Stanton Station Road over the South Branch of Raritan River, Readington and Raritan Townships.
  11. RESOLUTION - Approval to rescind current weight limit of 6 tons and establish a new increased weight limit of 15 tons on Inter-County Bridge H-64-W, Mount Joy Road over the Musconetcong River, Holland Twp., Hunterdon County and Pohatcong Twp., Warren County.
  12. RESOLUTION - Approval to amend the current designations of “through street” and “stop” intersections affecting Route 513 in the Townships of Alexandria, Clinton, Lebanon, Union and the Town of Clinton and the Boroughs of Frenchtown and High Bridge.
  13. RESOLUTION - Concurring with Warren County, the lead agent in the joint construction project, for the reconstruction of Inter-County Bridge #B-26-W/05039, Bethlehem Twp., Hunterdon County & Franklin Twp., to award a contract to Furino & Sons, Inc., for a total contract, which will utilizes state aid funds, for an award amount of $1,371,006.70; Hunterdon County - $685,503.35, Warren County - $685,503.35.
  14. RESOLUTION - Authorizing the declaration of an emergency for County Bridge T-88, Tewksbury Township, due to the extreme weather conditions on August 9, 2009.
  15. RESOLUTION - Authorizing a Services and Occupancy Agreement for John Trontis, in connection with the Mountain Farm Property.
  16. RESOLUTION - Authorizing a Services and Occupancy Agreement for Craig Evans, in connection with the La Porte Property.


  1. RESOLUTION - Approving a grant application for additional grant funds offered by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, to be utilized in completing the County’s Waste Water Management Plan, in the amount of $100,000.00.
  2. RESOLUTION- Approving a grant application to the New Jersey Historical Commission, for printing costs of a book entitled, “The Heritage of Our Hunterdon County Parks”, in the amount of $6,670.00.
  3. RESOLUTION - Approving a grant agreement for PARIS funds through the New Jersey Department of State, Division of Archives and Records Management and the State Records Committee, for records management, preservation and storage needs, in the amount of $613,793.00.


  1. PROCLAMATION - Recognizing Tim Siessel for attaining the designation of Eagle Scout.


  1. Raritan Township – Requesting removal of the Raritan Valley Disposal Transfer Station at River Road from the Hunterdon County’s Solid Waste Management Plan.



XV. EXECUTIVE SESSION (Reconvene if necessary)


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