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Updated 10/15/2002

A complete copy of the August 27, 2002 Minutes is available in
Adobe Acrobat Reader format (PDF).

Freeholder's Assembly Room - 1st Floor
Route 12 County Complex - Building #1
PO Box 2900, Flemington, New Jersey
August 27, 2002
3:00 pm

I. 2:45 p.m. HCUA


"This meeting is being held in accordance with the provisions of the Open Public Meetings Act. Adequate notice has been given by posting throughout the year a copy of the notice on Bulletin Boards on the First and Second Floor of the Route 12 County Complex, Building #1, Route 12, Flemington, New Jersey, a public place reserved for such announcements. A copy was mailed on or before January 11, 2002, to the Hunterdon County Democrat, Lambertville Beacon, the Express, Courier News, Trenton Times, Hunterdon Review and Star Ledger, newspapers designated to receive such notices and by filing a copy with the Hunterdon County Clerk."



  1. To discuss contractual matters.
  2. To discuss personnel matters.
  3. To discuss property issues.

V. 4:30 p.m. FINANCE, Charles Balogh, Jr., County Treasurer

  1. INTRODUCTION - Bond Ordinance No. 20-02, authorizing the appropriation of funds necessary for the improvement of real property and construction of the County 4-H Fair site, in the amount of $600,000.
  2. PUBLIC HEARING - Capital Ordinance No. 18-02, Authorizing the acquisition of various training equipment, in the amount of $54,000.
  3. PUBLIC HEARING - Capital Ordinance No., 19-02. Authorizing the acquisition and installation of radio system upgrades and new security system at the Emergency Services Facility, in the amount of $90,000.


All matters listed under the Consent Agenda are considered to be routine by the Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Hunterdon and will be enacted by one motion in the form listed below. There will be no separate discussion of these items. If discussion is desired, that item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and will be considered separately.
  1. Approving the regular and executive session minutes of July 23, 2002.
  2. Approving the payment of all claims as signed and listed on the Claims Register dated August 27, 2002.
  3. Approving the Social Services Funds Report for July, 2002.
  4. RESOLUTION - Jessica Bridges appointed unclassified, full time Administrative Investigator, Prosecutor's Office.
  5. RESOLUTION - Cynthia Stokes appointed permanent, full time Librarian, Library.
  6. RESOLUTION - Amanda Phillip appointed permanent, full time Supervising Librarian, Library.
  7. RESOLUTION - Kristin Momberg appointed permanent, full time Supervising Librarian, Library.
  8. RESOLUTION - Stefanie Kenney appointed permanent, full time Public Safety Telecommunicator, Emergency Services.
  9. RESOLUTION - Alan Umgelter appointed permanent, full time Public Safety Telecommunicator, Emergency Services.
  10. RESOLUTION - William Powell appointed permanent, part time Public Safety Telecommunicator, Emergency Services.
  11. RESOLUTION - Stacey Whitelaw appointed provisional, full time Account Clerk, Library.
  12. RESOLUTION - Joan Tigar appointed provisional, full time Supervisor of Telephone Systems, Emergency Services.
  13. RESOLUTION - Virginia Hockenbury appointed provisional, full time Youth Worker, Youth Facility.
  14. RESOLUTION - Dinah Rowbotham appointed provisional, full time Assistant Planner, Planning Board.
  15. RESOLUTION - Essam Hanani appointed provisional, full time Public Health Rep. 3, Communicable Diseases, Health Department.
  16. RESOLUTION - Doreen Ehasz appointed provisional, full time Senior Clerk Typist, Planning Board.
  17. RESOLUTION - Donna Kahlke appointed provisional, part time Senior Library Assistant, Library.
  18. RESOLUTION - Jason Marrero appointed provisional, part time Security Guard, Sheriff's Office.
  19. RESOLUTION - David Choi appointed temporary, as needed, Student Assistant, Library.
  20. RESOLUTION - Matthew Curtin appointed temporary, Laborer, Roads and Bridges.
  21. RESOLUTION - Robert Thurgarland, Director, Central Printing and Mail, salary adjustment.
  22. RESOLUTION - Approving an unrestricted weight limit on County Bridge D-383, on Ferry Road, in Delaware Township.
  23. RESOLUTION - Approving the plans and specifications for the Installation of Beam Guide Rail, at various locations, in the County.
  24. RESOLUTION - Approving final payment on Bid #2002-13, for the Painting of County Bridges: D-424, E-171, K-110, K-153, W-43 and W-71, (Federal Project #STP-AOOS (721), in various municipalities, to Alpine Painting and Sandblasting, in the amount of $14,812.70.
  25. RESOLUTION - Approving a Federal Equitable Sharing Agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice, Criminal Division, for federally forfeited cash, property, proceeds and any interest earned thereon, shared equitably with participating law enforcement agencies.
  26. RESOLUTION - Approving an amendment to Area Plan Grant #10-026, for Home Delivered Meals to seniors, increase of $5,000 in federal funds.
  27. RESOLUTION - Approving Ordinance No. 2002-2, amending Ordinance 2002-1, establishing service fees to be charged by the County of Hunterdon for services performed by the Health Department in accordance with the County Environmental Health Act.

VII. PUBLIC SESSION DISCUSSION (NOTE: Limit of 5 minutes per person)


  1. County Update.
  2. Update of Veterans' Medal design.


  1. Women's Crisis Services, Requesting to use the Justice Center steps for their annual Candlelight Vigil to promote awareness of Domestic Violence, between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., for a date to be scheduled the third or fourth week in October.
  2. Hunterdon Helpline, Requesting a letter of support for the 211 Partnership and the implementation of the 211 number in New Jersey.


  1. RESOLUTION - Approving the renewal of the Operating Assistance Agreement, with New Jersey Transit, for FTA Section 5311/NJT Grant funding in the amount of $357,506 for operating funds and a County match of $199,169.
  2. RESOLUTION - Approving the renewal application for a Health Services Grant for 2003, with the State Department of Senior Services, in the amount of $211,531 in state funds and $27,279 as a County Match.


  1. RESOLUTION - Authorizing final approval and funding of 20 applications, which were given preliminary approval on October 13, 2001.

XII. 4:45 p.m. PARKS AND RECREATION, John G. Trontis, Director

  1. Operations update for the golf course.


  1. Update of various County projects and facilities.


  1. Update on all County Road and Bridge Projects.
  2. Requesting a Right of Way Acquisition for the Replacement of County Bridge N-3 and Signalized Intersection of Leigh Street and New Jersey Route 173, in the Town of Clinton.

XV. PURCHASING, Charles J. Soriero, Jr., Purchasing Agent

  1. RESOLUTION - Approving Requisition #40001903, with Contech Construction Products, for bridge flooring and end dams, for Roads, Bridges and Engineering, in the amount of $9,730.12.
  2. RESOLUTION - Authorizing the award of Bid #2002-24, to furnish and deliver Four (4) 2002 Sterling L-8513 Dump Trucks with Plows and Spreaders, to Condit Truck Center, in an amount not to exceed $399,496.
  3. . RESOLUTION - Authorizing the award of Bid #2002-30, for the installation of playground equipment, to Master Construction Co., Inc., in an amount not to exceed $19,210.
  4. RESOLUTION - Authorizing the award of Bid #2002-31, for Maintenance of Radio Communications Equipment, for Emergency Services, in an amount not to exceed $76,407.76.
  5. RESOLUTION - Authorizing a contract modification to County Quote #0067-2002, for appraisal services under the current Farmland Preservation Program, with Robert McNeely Vance and Company, for additional services, increase of $6,400.


XVII. EXECUTIVE SESSIONS (continued if necessary)

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