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Updated 11/14/2001

A complete copy of the July 24, 2001 minutes is available in
Adobe Acrobat Reader format (PDF) when approved.

Freeholder's Assembly Room - 1st Floor
Route 12 County Complex - Building #1
PO Box 2900, Flemington, New Jersey
Tuesday, July 24, 2001 - 3:00 PM


  1. To discuss vocational education.

2:30 p.m. Hunterdon County Utilities Authority Meeting


"This meeting is being held in accordance with the provisions of the Open Public Meetings Act. Adequate notice has been given by posting throughout the year a copy of the notice on Bulletin Boards on the First and Second Floor of the Route 12 County Complex, Building #1, Route 12, Flemington, New Jersey, a public place reserved for such announcements. A copy was mailed on or before January 03, 2001, to the Hunterdon County Democrat, Lambertville Beacon, the Express, Courier News, Trenton Times, Hunterdon Review and Star Ledger, newspapers designated to receive such notices and by filing a copy with the Hunterdon County Clerk."




  1. Completion of Court House painting as requested by Freeholder George Muller at the June 13, 2000 Freeholder Meeting where Katie Attinello won 1st Place for the Public Health and Me Poster Contest held that year.


All matters listed under the Consent Agenda are considered to be routine by the Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Hunterdon and will be enacted by one motion in the form listed below. There will be no separate discussion of these items. If discussion is desired, that item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and will be considered separately.

  1. Approving the regular and executive session minutes of June 12, 2001.
  2. Approving the payment of all claims as signed and listed on the Claims Register dated July 24, 2001.
  3. Approving the Social Services Funds Report for June, 2001.
  4. RESOLUTION - Michael Jakubowski appointed permanent, full time Printing Machine Operator 2, Central Printing and Mail Department.
  5. RESOLUTION - Craig R. Metz appointed permanent, full time Sheriff's Officer, Sheriff's Office.
  6. RESOLUTION - Christopher J. Vaccarino appointed permanent, full time Sheriff's Officer, Sheriff's Office.
  7. RESOLUTION - Jeffrey Person appointed provisional, part time Security Guard, Sheriff's Office.
  8. RESOLUTION - Victoria Cohen appointed temporary, seasonal Librarian, Library.
  9. RESOLUTION - Joelle Glenn appointed temporary, seasonal Librarian, Library.
  10. RESOLUTION - Arthur Hayducka , James Querry and Dennis Tillett appointed part time Emergency Services Instructors, Emergency Services.
  11. RESOLUTION - Approving a grant from the New Jersey Community Affairs Department to prepare a Strategic Growth Management Plan, in the amount of $144,000.
  12. RESOLUTION - Approving a grant application for the Vehicular Homicide Unit and the Fatal Accident Collision Team, for equipment and overtime, in the amount of $45,212.
  13. RESOLUTION - Approving an unrestricted weight limit on County Bridge D-427, on Zantik Road, in Delaware Township.
  14. RESOLUTION - Approving a professional services agreement with Eisenberg Associates, Inc., for document indexing application software for the Registry Division of the County Clerk's Office, in the amount of $11,500.
  15. RESOLUTION - Approving a grant application with the NJ Historical Society, for funding for general operating support and regranting purposes, for the Cultural and Heritage Commission, in the amount of $10,500.
  16. RESOLUTION - Approving application for payment #16, for Bid #98-33, for the construction of the Warehouse/Records Retention Center, to DeSapio Construction, Inc., amount of $30,000.
  17. RESOLUTION - Approving Change Order #1, for Bid #2000-20, for the Painting of County Bridges B-8-W, L-30, L-49, L-109, M-94 and U-20, in various municipalities, with Aussie Construction Corp., decrease of $794.
  18. RESOLUTION - Approving an Affidavit to obtain an Applicability/Nonapplicability Determination for the Old High Bridge Garage site, in High Bridge Borough.
  19. RESOLUTION - Approving an Affidavit to obtain an Applicability/Nonapplicability Determination for the Old Everittstown Garage site, in Alexandria Township.
  20. RESOLUTION - Approving an Affidavit to obtain an Applicability/Nonapplicability Determination for a portion of property known as the Drag Strip property, on County Route 615, in Franklin Township.
  21. RESOLUTION - Approving the "2002 Hunterdon County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services Plan" and authorizing its transmittal to the State Department of Health.
  22. RESOLUTION - Approving appointments and reappointments to the Professional Advisory Committee on Alcohol and Drug Abuse.
  23. RESOLUTION - Approving an agreement with the County Health Department to advertise on a LINK vehicle, for one (1) year, at the cost of $1,668.
  24. RESOLUTION - Approving a provider service contract with Hunterdon Helpline, to provide a telephone information and referral service and after hours LINK transportation dispatch, in the amount of $40,720.
  25. RESOLUTION - Approving a provider service contract with Catholic Charities, to provide alcohol counseling and juvenile aftercare treatment for substance abuse, in the amount of $41,286 from Chapter 51 funds, $5,860 from Juvenile Justice Funds and $98,753 from the County.
  26. RESOLUTION - Advising the State that the County is committed to its current Library Headquarters location for the next twenty years.
  27. RESOLUTION - Approving a Right to Farm Activities Grant for the Farmland Preservation Program, in the amount of $5,205.85.
  28. RESOLUTION - Authorizing the acquisition of a portion of Block 46.02, Lot 2, in Readington Township, from John C. Murphy and Bernadette Milak Murphy, in connection with the realignment of County Route 620 from County Route 523 to Holland Brook/Kosciuszko Road, in the amount of $13,800.
  29. RESOLUTION - Authorizing the addition of two applications into the 2002 Funding Round for the Farmland Preservation Program at the request of the CADB.
  30. RESOLUTION - Approving the acquisition of real property, Block 43, Lot 42, in Raritan Township, from M & H Associates, in the amount of $140,000.
  31. RESOLUTION - Approving an agreement with The Pennsylvania State University for engineering consulting services in connection with the development and stabilization/preservation program for InterCounty Bridge L-97-W/16007 on Stephensburg Road over the Musconetcong River, in the Township of Lebanon, Hunterdon County/Township of Mansfield, Warren County, in the amount of $11,595.
  32. RESOLUTION - Approving Change Order #1, for Bid #99-53, Construction of the Golf Course, with the Landtek Group, Inc., for grading, preparation and paving for a complete system of asphalt golf cart paths, increase of $255,000.

(NOTE: Limit of 5 minutes per person)


  1. County Update.


  1. Milford Guild, Requesting permission to march on Route 519, from the Milford Water Word, south to the traffic light, on Sunday, October 28, 2001, at 1:00 p.m., during the annual Milford Halloween Parade.
  2. Tewksbury First Aid & Rescue Squad, Requesting permission to hold a coin toss at the Intersection of Route 517 and 523, between 8:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., on July 28, August 18, October 20 and November 17, 2001 as part of their annual fund drive.
  3. Information Technology, Requesting permission for attendance at ArcIMS Training on August 13 to 15, 2001 and Customizing ArcIMS on August 27 to 28, 2001, in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, in the amount of $2,100 for the courses and $500 for lodging and expenses.
  4. Tax Board Administrator, Requesting attendance at the International Association of Assessing Officers Conference, from September 8 to 12, 2001, in Miami, Florida, in the estimated amount of $1,910 for registration, airfare, transportation, lodging and meals, (to be paid from the Tax Appeal Trust Fund).
  5. Rutgers Cooperative Extension, Requesting funds to attend the National Association of County Agricultural Agents Professional Improvement Conference, from August 5 to 9, 2001, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, estimated costs for airfare, lodging, meals and registration is $1,333.48 and the amount of $1,100 is in the 2001 budget.
  6. Parks and Recreation, Requesting approval of proposed changes for the deer management program for the 2001/2002 season. 07. Extension Center, Requesting the assignment of a County vehicle to an Ag Agent with approval to keep said vehicle at his residence.

IX. FINANCE, Charles Balogh, Jr., County Treasurer

  1. INTRODUCTION - Bond Ordinance #12-01, Acquisition of parkland, amount of $3,000,000.
  2. RESOLUTION - Requesting the Division of Local Government Services to include an item of revenue in the 2001 Budget for the Insurance Fraud Reimbursement Program, in the amount of $114,301.
  3. RESOLUTION - Requesting the Division of Local Government Services to include an item of revenue in the 2001 Budget for the West Nile Virus Surveillance Grant, in the amount of $70,000.
  4. Acknowledge receipt of the County Audit.

X. 3:30 p.m. PROJECT ADMINISTRATOR, Frank J. Bell, AIA

  1. Update of various County projects and facilities.


  1. To explain and describe Phase II of a project to rehabilitate and convert the Extension Center (Building #1) of the Route 31 County Complex to a full service, multi-floor accessible disabled and senior services center.

XII. 4:15 p.m. PURCHASING, Charles J. Soriero, Jr.

  1. RESOLUTION - Approving Requisition #21168, with Unisys Corporation, for renewal maintenance on 18 terminals, for the period of July 1, 2001 through December 31, 2001, for Emergency Services, in the amount of $6,264.
  2. RESOLUTION - Approving Requisition #2429, with Terret Communications, for four (4) Motorola portable radios with battery charger, for the Prosecutor's Office, in the amount of $2,700.
  3. RESOLUTION - Approving Requisition #40083, with the Hunterdon Symphony, for 44 students to attend an Orchestra Camp from June 25, 2001 through July 29, 2001, for Parks and Recreation, in the amount of $4,400.
  4. RESOLUTION - Approving Requisition #PR.218, with DLT Solutions, Inc., for the upgrade of the autodesk software for the Engineering Department, in the amount of $11,355.85.
  5. RESOLUTION - Approving Requisition #PROS.2455, with Bill Behrle, Inc., for keyboards, Equity Modular Systems Furniture and Knoll Calibre Storage Cabinets, for the a prosecutor and systems manager's office, for the Prosecutor's Office, in the amount of $9,174.66.
  6. RESOLUTION - Approving Requisition #RB.9875, with Superior Steel Co., for steel bridge decking and end dams, for Roads and Bridges, in the amount of $10,374.
  7. RESOLUTION - Approving a professional engineering consulting services agreement with Studer & McEldowney, for engineering design services for Safety Mobility Improvements to four (4) County Route Intersections.
  8. RESOLUTION - Authorizing competitive bidding and competitive contracting.


  1. Update on all County Road and Bridge Projects as outlined in the report.


  1. To discuss the status of the Lyme Disease program with the Health Director.



  1. To discuss personnel issues with Sheriff Doyle.
  2. To discuss various personnel matters.
  3. To discuss land acquisition.
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