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Historic Photos of the 1935
Bruno R. Hauptamnn for the Kidnapping of
the Son of Col. Charles Lindbergh

  • Ticket holders for the trial lined up on Court Street for admission to the Hauptmann Trial. Those not having tickets lined up in front of the Courthouse hoping to get a seat.
  • Identification of Hauptmann by Sourland Mountain resident Millard Whited (L) led to the extradition of Richard Hauptmann to New Jersey. His identification was very questionable.
  • The Defense Table with Edward Reilly, Egbert Rosecrans, Lloyd Fisher and Bruno Hauptmann (R)
  • Photographers were only allowed to take courtroom pictures prior to Judge Trechard arriving on the bench, during noon recess and after the trial dismissed for the day.
  • Charles Lindbergh sat four seats away from Richard Hauptamnn during the entire trial. Hauptamnn always had a State Trooper to his right and Warden Lowy on his left.
  • Lindbergh ready to take the stand on Day 2 of the Trial.
  • Hauptmann being led into the courtroom from the jail cells located just behind the door on the left.
  • Lindbergh testifying. This picture was taken without the knowledge of Judge Trenchard and caused many problems for the other photographers who were not allowed to take pictures of anyone on the witness stand
  • Reporters were each given 18" of writing space on 2 rows of temporary boards set up prior to the trial.
  • The always dapper Defense Attorney Edward J. Reilly from Brooklyn, New York.
  • John "Jafsie" Condon ready to take the stand.
  • They Jury looks on...
  • Hauptmann Jury Members.
  • The courtroom was designed for 150 people. Most days they crammed 500 in. People were allowed to stand around the outside of the Courtroom, in th aisles and even sit on the radiators.
  • Newsman Walter Winchell (bottom right) sat in Seat 5, Row A, two seats away from Anna Hauptmann. He would write copy during the trial and pass it to Anna Hauptmann who would than pass it on to a messenger.
  • The Courtroom: Defense table on the left: Prosecution table on the right; jury box, far right; and two rows of tables/boards for the press. Judge Trenchard's bench top left.
  • The first weekend of the trial the Courthouse was open for tourists. 60,000 people came to Flemington and the Courthouse was a scene of sheer bedlam. In following weekends, signage was set up to show where people sat and tourists were led in an an orderly fashion. Sheriff John Curtis is on the right.
  • Newspaper Clipping from the Associated Press - THE MODEST LITTLE COURTROOM at Flemington, NJ. Pictured on the left is Edward J. Reilly, Defense Attorney and on the Right is Attorney General David T. Wilentz, the State's Prosecutor.
  • Charles Lindbergh arrived everyday by chauffeured car at the rear of the jail - out of the view of most.
  • Witnesses, members of the Prosecutor's and Defense Teams, and ticket holders came through these metal gates on Court Street. Above is Anna Hauptmann arriving.

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