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On site programs are temporarily suspended, however we are holding several virtual programs for our clients. Please visit the Senior Center Webpage and the Senior Health and Fitiness Webpage for more information. Seniors with questions may contact the Senior program by calling (908) 788-1361 during regular business hours or via email at aging@co.hunterdon.nj.us.

The Mr. Fix-It Appliance Days have been postponed until further notice.

NOTE: The Hunterdon County Meals on Wheels Program will continue with a meal drop off program designed to eliminate personal interaction between participants and volunteers.


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We offer a variety of fee-based fitness classes including: Low Impact Aerobics, Pilates; Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga; Chair Yoga, Healthy Bones, Zumba Gold, Meditation. Free classes include: Gentle Exercise, Men’s Fitness and (NEW!) Women's Fitness, Move Today & Move Tomorrow, Line & Tap Dance, Tai Chi for Health. Recreational activity offerings include: Bocce, Senior Walking Club.  Fitness activities include: Physical Therapy /Health Presentations, Special Dance Programs. Health-related events include: Health Ease Educational Seminars, Annual Brain Fitness Course Series, much more.

All participants in every fitness and recreation activity must sign a waiver. It is always wise to get permission from your physician before participating in any regular fitness program.

There is a nominal fee of $4.00 per class. for Low Impact Aerobics, Tai Chi, Qi Cong, Yoga, Meditation, Chair Yoga, Zumba, Jazz & Jive Dance and Pilate classes.  Donations at all Senior Health Services activities are appreciated.  Please - Invite your friends to join you.

You can purchase Punch Cards for our classes. A four class card is $16.00, an eight class cards is $32.00 and a twelve class card is $48.00.  All fitness punch cards can be used for more than one class.

You may also call 908-284-6128 to obtain more specific information.

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TO REGISTER FOR ANY OF OUR PROGRAMS; Please contact elangeveld@co.hunterdon.nj.us and an invitation and instructions will be sent to you to join the lecture or sign up for the Virtual fitness classes listed below.

All virtual fitness classes will be free of charge. Registration required.  Instructions to join and invitation will be emailed to you.  You must be a member of the Senior Center and Senior Health and Fitness Program and sign a waiver to enter the class.

Required Registration and Medical Forms

Exercise Punch Cards

General Policy Regarding Course Cancellations & Weather Closures

Volunteer Opportunities

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All virtual fitness classes will be free of charge. Registration required.  Instructions to join and invitation will be emailed to you.  You must be a member of the Senior Center and Senior Health and Fitness Program and sign a waiver to enter the class. Please call Eleanor at (908) 284-6128 for additional information and to register.

Virtual fitness classes using Zoom technology are as following:

Instructor:  Leslie Klesat
  Tap 1 – 11:00 am
  Tap 2 – Wednesdays: 1:00 pm

Healthy Bones
Instructor:  Linda Cornell
  Mondays – 9:30 am
  Thursdays – 10:00 am

Instructor:  Janine Legates & Pat Roth
  Tuesdays – 9:00 am
  Tuesdays – 9:00am

Low Impact Aerobics
Instructor: Jeanie Franzo
  Tuesdays - 9:30am
  Fridays - 11:00am

Zumba Gold
Instructor: Jeanie Franzo
  Thursdays – 10:00 am

Co-Ed Fitness
Instructor: Nick Detura
  Tuesdays – 2:00 pm
  Thursdays – 10:00 am

Qi Gong
Instructor: Dave Berger
  Fridays - 9:00 am

Gentle Exercise
Instructor: Minal Shah
  Tuesdays - 11:00 am
  Fridays - 11:00 am

Instructor: Kate Allworthy
  Mondays - 12:45 pm

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All Senior Health and Wellness lecture series for the remainder of the year will be replaced by Virtual programs. 

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CHAIR YOGA with CHRISTI (Fee Based) Tuesdays 1:00pm at the Flemington Senior Center; and Thursdays 12:45pm in the Public Health Nursing Conference Room, Lower Level, Building #2, Flemington This is our most gentle exercise class. Chair yoga is perfect for seniors with physical challenges who find it difficult to get on and off the floor as required by a traditional yoga class. Chair yoga for seniors is a traditional yoga class with postures chosen to aid mature bodies to protect joints, strengthen balance and increase the range of movement. 1203

OTHER YOGA CLASSES (Fee Based) These classes are very popular and fill quickly.
• Mondays, 9:30 (level 1) & 11:00am (all levels)- Delaware Township Municipal Bldg. • Tuesday, 11am - Clinton Community Center, Clinton. (Frank Fayne) • Wednesdays, 11:30am - Senior Center, Flemington (Frank Fayne) • Thursdays, 9:30am & 10:45am - Raritan Township Police Building, Flemington (Kim Karsh) • Thursdays, 9:30am- Frenchtown Presbyterian Church, Frenchtown (Frank Fayne)


PILATES with Dennis (Fee Based) Tuesdays at 9am, Senior Center, Flemington
PILATES with CHRISTI NEW! (Fee Based) Thursdays at 11:30am, Public Health Nursing, Building #2 – Lower Level, Flemington


BEGINNER PROJECT HEALTHY BONES (Free Programs) Osteoporosis Prevention Exercise & Education evidenced based program with proven outcomes; Healthy Bones is a 24 week curriculum of exercise that targets the body’s larger muscle groups to improve strength, balance and flexibility. The program has an interactive educational component on the importance of exercise, nutrition, safety, drug therapy and lifestyle factors that relate to osteoporosis. Guest speakers for the medical community that share their knowledge, answer questions and provide updates on osteoporosis. You will graduate into healthy bones year round class at no additional charge.

"TWO TIMERS" HEALTHY BONES - Must be a Graduate of Beginner Class - this class is in addition to your regularly scheduled weekly class.

Medical Clearance and county waiver required: Obtain forms at the Hunterdon County Senior Center in Flemington - call (908) 284-6128 to have form mailed to you and to sign up for classes. Only 15 people per class accepted. Suggested donation is $25.00 which covers the cost of weights and manual.
BEGINNER HEALTHY BONES – Mondays at 9:30am Flemington Senior Center Next Beginner Class starts September, 2020 (Waiting List Only) (12 week session) Beginners then move on to an ongoing class. Manual and weights included. Suggested Donation of $25.00 is appreciated


GETTING STRONGER (Free Program) An extension of the “Healthy Bones” Concept enhanced by additional repetitions and movements. It emphasizes Balance and is more strenuous. Bands as well as weights are used in the class. Beginner Healthy Bones is a pre-requisite for joining this class, as is the progress made in the prior program. Wednesdays – 9:30 am Frenchtown Presbyterian Church, Frenchtown


MEDITATION AND STRESS REDUCTION SESSIONS (Fee Based) with Kim Karsh Wednesdays at 2:30 pm at the County Senior Center auditorium, 4 Gauntt Place, Flemington. Bring a mat or use a chair; whatever is most comfortable for you.  Registration is required by calling (908) 284-6128.


OUTDOOR ACTIVITES Senior Walking Club (Nominal fee) Every Wednesday 9:30 am to 10:30 am. Visit different parks in the county (education and recreation walks).

BOCCE (Free Program) No experience necessary, beginners are welcome! Held Every Monday and Tuesday. Summer Hours – 9:00 am.  Runs April through October 31st Spring & Fall hours at 10:00am Court is located at the end of Building #3 of the Route 31 County Complex, on Gaunt Place, Flemington. To register, please call Eleanor at (908) 284-6128. Ongoing program.


TAP DANCE (Free Program) No experience necessary - all levels welcome.  Held at the Hunterdon County Senior Center, 4 Gauntt Place, Flemington. Donations are always appreciated Tappers perform at Nursing homes, senior clubs and other venues throughout the state. Mondays and Wednesdays
• MONDAYS TAP 1: 11:00am 12 noon - Beginner Tap and Choreography • WEDNESDAYS TAP 2: 1:00 pm


BALLET (Free Program) Held at the Senior Center Mondays at 12:45 pm and Thursdays at 1:00 pm
BEGINNER BALLET (Free Program) Held at the Senior Center - Thursdays at 2:10 pm

LINE DANCE (Free Program) Every Tuesday at the Hunterdon County Senior Center, 4 Gauntt Place, Flemington

January to August Intermediate starts at 12:15 pm Advanced Class starts at 1:00 pm
September through December Beginner class starts at 12:15 PM Intermediate Class starts at 1:00 pm


BRAIN FITNESS SERIES (Free Program) TO BE ANNOUNCED: Five courses (10 Weeks each) Illuminate, Mind your Mind, Brain Aerobics, Strengthen your Mind, Whole Brain Workout – call for details – Classes fill up quickly.


TAI CHI (Fee Based) Must Register - Call Eleanor at (908) 284-6128
• Clinton Community Center: Mondays at 9:00 am (September through June) • Bethlehem Presbyterian Church, Pittstown Mondays at 9:00 am (July and August) • County Senior Center: Wednesdays at 9:00 am


TAI CHI FOR HEALTH (Free Program) Must Register – Call Eleanor at (908) 284-6128 at the County Senior Center
• Beginner Tai Chi for Health - Mondays at 2:00 pm • Intermediate Class - Mondays at 3:00 pm and Thursdays at 9:00 am


JAZZ ‘N JIVE WITH ANNETTE (Fee Based) County Senior Center, 4 Gauntt Place, Flemington Dance to the modern music! An exercise routine that is so much fun. Come and Enjoy!
• Thursdays at 11:30 am


MOVE TODAY (Free Program)  12 week class  1 hour each Held at the Hunterdon County Senior Center Auditorium. 4 Gauntt Place, Flemington. No charge - Call for more information Emphasis on balance, posture, and strength training “Evidenced Based Program” Class is geared to help participants increase strength, flexibility, balance, and posture. Also helps to relieve tension & stress, reduce the risk of falls and injury, and fights osteoporosis.


MOVE TOMORROW (Free Program) As an extension of the Move Today series. Move Tomorrow continues emphasis on balance, posture and strength and flexibility with some new twists! Every Tuesday at 11:00am Senior Center Room 5A (pre-requisite: Move Today) ongoing class. Runs year round except for August. SECOND CLASS STARTING NOW: Every Thursday at 2pm – St. Paul’s Church – Gauntt Place across the street from the senior center


MATTER OF BALANCE (Free Program) “Evidenced Based Program” with proven outcomes. Combination of education and exercise designed to help people improve balance and overcome fears and concerns about falls and increase physical activity. Educational materials provided. 8 weeks – 2 hours each (open to all residents of Hunterdon County – 60+and older) Fridays, Septmeber13th - November 22nd 1pm to 3pm


GENTLE EXERCISE CLASSES Flexibility – Range of Motion (Free Program) Come when you can. New people are always welcome.
• Mondays, 10:00am - Herman Kapp Senior Residence, Flemington • Tuesdays, 10:30am - Senior Center Auditorium, Flemington • Wednesdays, 2:00pm - Three Bridges Reformed Church, Three Bridges • Thursdays, 10:00am - Senior Center Room 4, Flemington
• Thursdays 11am - Bethlehem Presbyterian Church, Bethlehem No Classes July and August


HEALTH-EASE EDUCATION LECTURES (Free Program) “Evidenced Based” educational program with proven outcomes developed by University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.
Classes address lifestyle related health issues and chronic conditions. Audits 60 and older. Locations at senior clubs. Check with your local club President to register. Topics include: Brain Health, Osteoporosis, Physical Activity, Medications, Nutrition, Falls Prevention, Memory, Heart Health, Women’s Health. Call (908) 284-6128


TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH (Free Program) “Evidenced Based Program” with proven outcomes. Six workshops to change your life! For those living with chronic conditions, learn how to: Manage symptoms, Develop healthy eating & exercise habits, Communicate effectively with your healthcare professional. 

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  • Matter of Balance
  • Take Control of your Health
  • Move Today
  • Healthy Bones
  • Move Tomorrow

Free Training will be provided, Dates to be announced. .  For more information call Eleanor at 908-284-6128 or email elangeveld@co.hunterdon.nj.us.



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If the School District where your class is held closes for inclement weather; classes will be cancelled.  If there is a school delayed opening of 90 minutes and the class is in the morning; the class will be cancelled.

Afternoon classes may still be held depending on the severity of the storm. If you are unsure take the initiative of calling the instructor yourself.  Make sure you have the instructor’s phone number and they have yours.

Depending on the time of the class; Instructors will notify everyone by email or phone.  We strongly encourage everyone to get on your class email list and to check with your instructor if you are currently on their updated list and please remember to check your email.  You should also have your instructor’s home or cell phone if there is any uncertainly.

Some instructors may decide to call you; that is an individual decision.

Stations to tune in to for school closings early day of class

  • News 12 New JerseyChannel 62 on Comcast Cable
  • HCTV Channel 27 (Hunterdon Central TV)
  • Channel 69 (WFMZ-TV)
  • WCTC 14.50 AM
  • WCVH 90.5 FM (Hunterdon Central Radio)

If you have any questions; please email or call Eleanor Langeveld, Hunterdon County Senior Health & Fitness Coordinator:

Work Main Office: (908) 788-1359
Work Direct Line: (908) 284-6128
Cell: (908) 763-1820
Email:  elangeveld@co.hunterdon.nj.us

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