What is a State of Emergency?

The Governor declares a State of Emergency when he/she believes a disaster has occurred or may be imminent that is severe enough to require State aid to supplement local resources in preventing or alleviating damages, loss, hardship or suffering. This declaration authorizes the Governor to speed State agency assistance to communities in need. It enables him to make resources immediately available to rescue, evacuate, shelter, provide essential commodities (i.e., heating fuel, food etc.) and quell disturbances in affected localities. It may also position the State to seek federal assistance when the scope of the event exceeds the State's resources.

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1. What is a State of Emergency?
2. Does a State of Emergency declaration direct citizens to take any particular action?
3. Does a State of Emergency mean you aren't allowed to go anywhere or do anything until it's lifted?
4. How long does a State of Emergency remain in effect?
5. Does a declaration of emergency bar the sale or provision of goods and services?
6. Is it an employer's responsibility to pay employees who cannot get to work during a State of Emergency?
7. Are all State Offices closed during a State of Emergency?