Is Babesiosis an emerging infectious disease?

Yes. The first case was reported from Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, in 1969. Since then, Babesiosis has emerged as a health threat in the United States, with increasing reports of Babesiosis symptoms and some deaths in areas where the risk of infection was not previously recognized.

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1. What is Babesiosis?
2. What is the infectious agent that causes Babesiosis?
3. Where is Babesiosis found?
4. How do people get Babesiosis?
5. What are the signs and symptoms of Babesiosis?
6. How soon after exposure do symptoms appear?
7. How is Babesiosis diagnosed?
8. Who is at risk for Babesiosis?
9. What complications can result from Babesiosis?
10. What is the treatment for Babesiosis?
11. How common is Babesiosis?
12. Is Babesiosis an emerging infectious disease?
13. How can Babesiosis be treated?