Public Works 

Hunterdin County Department of Public WorksThe Hunterdon County Department of Public Works includes the Divisions of Roads, Bridges, and Engineering. The Roads Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all County Routes, including storm sewers along those roads. Maintenance and repairs for the County bridges and culverts fall under the Bridge Division. The Engineering Division is responsible for the design and construction of county routes, traffic signals, bridges, and drainage facilities.

Public Information Center

Replacement of Bridge FC-80
Pine Hill Road / Camp Buck Road
over South Branch of Raritan River

Thursday August 10, 2023
at Echo Hill Park
6:00pm - 7:30pm

Roads and Bridges Summary

This summary details the projects completed during the year. Each project includes before and after pictures. The 2021 Summary has a section at the end dedicated specifically to Hurricane Ida repairs.

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2022 Roads and Bridges Summary

2022 Roads and Bridges Summary Cover Only