Spotted Lantern Fly Survey

Spotted Lantern FlyResidents from Hunterdon County are reporting the invasive insect, spotted lanternfly (SLF).

This is a passive survey, and the data collected will be used to identify SLF problems in the county, your input will help us to assess the impacts of SLF. 

Information for residents regarding spotted lanternflies can be found through the Rutgers website and the New Jersey Department of Agriculture's website.

Commercial Agriculture updates can also be found at

If you would like to discuss SLF biology with Hunterdon County staff, please contact us through email.

View the Spotted Lantern Fly Survey form.

Additional Spotted Lantern Fly Resources

An overview of information on Spotted Lanternfly can be found at the Rutgers Spotted Lanternfly website.

Plant and Pest Advisory Rutgers Cooperative Extension website.