Hazardous Materials Response Unit (HazMat)

HazMat Team PatchThe Hazardous Materials Response Unit (HMRU) provides emergency response to hazardous materials and toxic substance release incidents countywide and to neighboring jurisdictions upon request.

The members of the HMRU are comprised of staff and volunteers from the Department of Public Safety - Office of Emergency Management, Communications Division, Health Department, and Parks Division who are trained to the NJSP-HMRU Hazardous Materials Technician Level 3.

The HMRU operates out of one centrally located station with two specialty apparatus and two trailers which are equipped with specialized protective clothing, air monitoring devices, chemical detection equipment, sampling devices, containment tools, materials identification computer systems, meteorological equipment, decontamination supplies, and numerous reference guides related to hazardous materials.

Additionally, the HMRU provides operational support and technical guidance to the varying first responder disciplines through continuous training and constant research in hazardous materials response to most effectively save lives, protect property, and mitigate environmental impacts.