Senior / Medical Alert ID Program

It is possible, at any time or any place, to become a victim of an accident or a sudden illness. We may be downtown shopping, visiting friends or relatives, or on vacation out of state. Because of this, Sheriff William Doyle and his staff have developed the Sheriff's Medical Alert Program for Seniors (MAPS) which will help our senior County residents from anywhere in the United States.

This program provides identification bracelets, bearing the universal medical alert symbol and instructions for accessing emergency information. An "800" number on the bracelet will provide telephone access from anywhere in the United States to health care providers and law enforcement personnel assisting in an emergency situation. Upon filling out an application, the Sheriff will issue you a plastic bracelet with your personal code number. This service is made available to seniors over the age of 60 residing in Hunterdon County.

For additional information on the MAPS Program, contact the Hunterdon County Sheriff's Office at 908-806-4276, email the Sheriff's Office or at
8 Court Street
Flemington, NJ 08822

Free to Participants

The Sheriff's Medical Alert Program for Seniors (MAPS) is completely voluntary. If you decide to participate in the Sheriff's MAPS Program, the service is absolutely free to Hunterdon's senior residents over 60 years of age. You will be required to fill out an application (PDF) and answer all the questions as completely as possible.

ID Bracelets

The MAPS Program is usually held through county area Senior Citizen group meetings and the activities held through the County Division of Senior Services. If you are interested in receiving a bracelet but do not belong to a senior group, contact the Sheriff's Office. When you've have completed your application return it to the Sheriff, and you will be issued an identification bracelet. The Sheriff will issue you a plastic bracelet with your personal code number absolutely free. If you would like a metallic bracelet with your code number engraved on it, there will be a $5 one time fee. Out of the $5, the Sheriff will purchase the bracelet and apply a small amount of money back into the MAPS Program to assist with its costs.

It is important that you wear the bracelet. When a health care professional, or a police officer, sees the bracelet he will know to call us to retrieve your information, to assist you.


You should know that the personal information you give us will be kept strictly confidential. We will only release the information you give us to emergency personnel, and only when they need it to assist you.

Application Instructions

Please read the instructions entirely before you fill out your application (PDF). Remember, you may update your information anytime your personal situation requires. To do so, contact the Sheriff's Office.