Rules & Regulations

Statement of Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations governing use of facilities or properties administered by the Hunterdon County Division of Parks and Recreation are promulgated in accordance with provisions of the N.J. Statutes Title 40:32-7.12, which reads as follows:

"The Board of County Commissioners may by resolution make, alter, amend, and repeal rules and regulations for the supervision, regulation and control of all activities carried on, conducted, sponsored, arranged, or provided for in connection with a public golf course or other county recreational, playground or public entertainment facility, and for the protection of property, and may prescribe and enforce fines and penalties for the violation of any such rule or regulation.”

These rules and regulations have been promulgated for the protection of our patrons and for the facilities and natural resources administered by the Hunterdon County Division of Parks and Recreation.


A fully executed Facility Use Permit, issued by the County of Hunterdon for any activity shall authorize the activity only insofar as it may be performed in strict accordance with the terms and conditions thereof. The State of NJ, County of Hunterdon, or the local municipality may require additional permits.

Regulated Activity

The sale of merchandise, aviation, boating, cross-country skiing, bicycling, and sledding. Battery powered modeled aircraft, and horses must be in designated areas, dogs must be restrained with a leash not exceeding six feet, pet waste must be removed, camping/fires are by permit only. All groups of 15 or more must obtain a permit for use of any Park area.


 Section 1.        General Statement: Radio-controlled fixed-winged aircraft can pose unique safety, nuisance, and privacy invasion risks.  Therefore, regulating the operations of these aircraft within the Hunterdon County Division of Parks and Recreation (HCDPR) properties is needed to promote public safety for park visitors and county residents.  This policy shall be developed, implemented, and amended as required in conjunction with all other regulations regarding the use of radio-controlled fixed-winged aircraft, specifically any rules promulgated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the State of New Jersey

Section 2.        Definitions:  A battery powered radio-controlled fixed-winged aircraft (referred to as RC aircraft beyond this paragraph) is a small flying machine that is controlled remotely by an operator on the ground using a hand-held radio transmitter. The transmitter communicates with a receiver within the craft that sends signals to servomechanisms (servos) which move the control surfaces based on the position of joysticks on the transmitter. The control surfaces, in turn, affect the orientation of the plane. Property shall mean buildings, facilities, structures, and land located upon real estate owned by Hunterdon County and managed by the HCDPR.   Property shall also include vehicles owned, leased or rented by HCDPR.  

Section 3.        Policy Statement: Operation (flying) of a RC aircraft is prohibited on property maintained by HCDPR except in areas set aside and designated for such purposes or with an approved HCDPR Permit in adherence with FAA rules and the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). Gas powered RC aircraft are strictly prohibited.  


Section 1.        Implementation in Designated Recreational Area: The HCDPR has designated an area at the South County Park, 1207 Route 179, Lambertville, NJ 08530 as the Flying Field between April 1st to November 30th of the calendar year, which allows flying of RC aircraft.  Permits are invalid during the annual Hunterdon County 4H and Agricultural Fair at the Roger K. Everitt Fairgrounds/South County Park on an annual basis. Specific regulations for this field have been developed in conjunction with the AMA and the FAA.  Pilots of these RC aircrafts require an annual AMA card, an annual FAA registration card, and an annual HCDPR Flying Field Permit.   The HCDPR recognizes that these regulations may be more stringent than what the FAA requires.  

Section 2.        Implementation in Other Parkland Property: The HCDPR shall consider other recreational use of RC aircraft, on a case-by-case basis, and if approved, would issue a special permit.   Examples of these uses may include, but are not limited to, delineating a specific area within a park during a special event to demonstrate how a RC aircraft works, and law enforcement, fire, and other emergency services training.

All approved recreational permit holders shall be subject to the same HCDPR Flying Field Regulations, the rules and policies governed by the AMA and FAA, and shall also require insurance in an amount designated by the HCDPR, naming the County of Hunterdon and the HCDPR as additional insured

Section 3.        Applications for Commercial Use on Park Property: The HCDPR shall not allow commercial use of RC aircraft, except on a rare case by case basis and by issuing a special permit.  All approved commercial permit holders would be subject to the FAA Business Requirements, which currently include providing proof of a RC aircraft pilot’s license, proof that the RC aircraft has been registered with the FAA, a certificate of insurance in an amount designated by the HCDPR, naming the County of Hunterdon and the HCDPR as additional insured, and payment of a commercial photography fee as set by the HCDPR.  HCDPR reserves the right to modify these requirements as FAA regulations are updated. 

Factors to be considered with special use commercial applications include but are not limited to:

a.         Public safety

b.         Purpose of the use

c.         Visitor experience

d.         Specific location(s)

e.         Date and time of day

f.          Natural Resource protection

g.         Cultural Resource protection

h.         Concurrent events/activities scheduled within the park(s) 

Section 4.        FAA Regulations

The following FAA Regulations for operating a RC aircraft, but are not limited to:

a.         Aircraft must weigh less than 25 pounds and a wingspan not to exceed 60 inches

b.         Must fly at or below an altitude of 400 feet

c.         Must fly at or below 100 miles per hour

d.         Must always maintain visible line of sight

e.         Must fly between 8:00am and one hour before sunset

f.          Must not fly over people on park property

g.         Must not operate the RC aircraft under a covered structure (including park shelters)

h.         Must yield the right of way to manned aircraft

i.          Operating the RC aircraft from a moving vehicle is prohibited

Section 5.        Miscellaneous: HCDPR reserves the right to use RC Aircraft, within the FAA regulations, for purposes such as, but not limited to, conducting its own research, developing aerial mapping, construction projects, natural resource management, advertisement, or promotional activities, or working with law enforcement for search and rescue missions.  

 Flying Field Rules & Regulations

In conjunction with all current AMA (Academy Model Aeronautics) field and safety regulations and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) regulations, the Hunterdon County Division of Parks & Recreation (HCDPR) has established the following regulations governing the battery power radio-controlled fixed-winged aircraft (RC aircraft) for the South County Park is authorized between the dates of April 1st to November 30th of the calendar year.   Permits are invalid during the annual Hunterdon County 4H and Agricultural Fair at the Roger K. Everitt Fairgrounds/South County Park on an annual basis.                         

Flying Field Hours:   8:00am – 1 hour before sunset – battery power model aircraft only. Hours may be modified due to special events conducted in the park.           FAA regulations limit the flying of model aircraft to under 400 feet.  

1.         Flying by Permit only.  (Initial permits must be obtained at Hunterdon County Park Office.)   Applicants must have a current Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) membership certification and an FAA Registration number.   Flyers must have in their possession their current AMA card, FAA Registration Card and Park Flying Field Permit while utilizing the Flying Field.  Permit is only for current calendar year stated on the permit. 

2.         All Aircraft must stay within established flight boundaries. 

3.         No flying of any kind will take place while the area is being cut by the farmer or park staff. 

4.          Maximum of four (4) RC aircraft are permitted in the air at any one time.  This regulation may be    amended during special events with prior approval from the Parks & Recreation Division. 

 5.         Initial turns after takeoff must move away from the pit/spectator area.

 6.         Flying any type of RC aircraft behind the flight line or over helicopter area is prohibited.

 7.         Engine restart on the runway is prohibited.

 8.         Taxiing aircraft from the runway to the pit area is prohibited.

 9.         Piloting of any type of RC aircraft from a location other than the flight line is prohibited. 

 10.       All flyers should attempt to keep engine noise levels below 100 DB at full throttle at a reference distance of nine (9) feet.

 11.       During startup, all RC aircraft must be restrained by a fixed device or by a spotter other than the person starting the aircraft.

 12.       All transmitters (with the exception of 2.4 GHz) are to be impounded unless they have a frequency pin.

 16.       All RC aircraft must bear the flyer’s name and AMA number and FAA number.

17.       All FPV (First Person View) RC Aircraft must fly within the designated flying field and be following the AMA regulations guiding FPV operations and FAA regulations for the operation of RC aircraft.

 18.       Current Flying Field Permit holders may bring a guest to fly by the completion of the following: The permit holder acts as a sponsor, and in person, identifies the individual as a valid permit holder. The individual will also notify the Park Office of the guest and presents a copy of the guest’s current AMA membership card and provides the guest’s address and phone number within 3 business days of the activity. The guest will be limited to three visits.  After which the guest must apply for a Flying Field Permit for HCDPR.

 19.       Failure to comply with any of the above regulations or the AMA Safety Code may result in a temporary suspension or permanent revocation of the Flying Field Permit.   The operation of a RC aircraft without an FAA registration may result in fines of up to $27,500.

20.       Failure to observe the rules and regulations will result in: 

First Offense: Suspension of flying privileges for one (1) month.

Second Offense: Suspension of flying privileges for one (1) year.

Prohibited Acts

The violation of any Municipal, State, or Federal Law. Advertising, solicitation, ice skating, ice fishing, and any other on-ice activities, downhill skiing, bathing, fuel powered modeled aircraft, the release of any animal, explosives of any kind, poisons of any kind, after-hours use, alcohol without a permit in a non-designated area, controlled dangerous substances, weapons, posting of signage, inappropriate attire, and climbing on, or rappelling from any cliff, rock face, or boulder, with, or without the use of specialized equipment.

Prohibited Acts for the Protection of Property

No person shall make, excavate on, destroy, paint, fill in, cut, remove or tamper with any property, organic or inorganic.

Prohibited Acts for the Protection of Natural Resources

No person shall disturb wildlife or vegetation in any manner. No person shall pollute waters, litter, dump debris, or release helium balloons in any property. It is illegal to remove any natural resource from, or introduce any plant material, bulbs, or seeds to any property without a proper permit or license.

Prohibited Acts for the Protection of People:

No person shall obstruct a county employee/official, interfere with a visitor, conduct any unsafe act, or cause a hazardous condition.


All the provisions of the N.J. State Motor Vehicle Act apply. Vehicles are not allowed in unauthorized areas. Parking is allowed in designated areas only. ATV’s, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles are prohibited on County Park lands.


The rules and regulations of the County shall be enforced by duly authorized Rangers or representatives of the County under the provision of N.J.S.A. 40:32-2. thru 40:32-7.13. Any person who enters into a County Park for any purpose whatsoever has a duty and is presumed to be aware of the provisions of these rules and regulations governing the use of the facilities and properties administered by the Hunterdon County Division of Parks and Recreation.


Any person violating any of the provisions of these regulations shall, upon conviction before a court or other adjudicative body of jurisdiction, be liable for the replacement, repair or restoration of damaged property, if any, and shall pay a penalty of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) or other amount in the discretion of the court or other adjudicative body or may be sentenced to imprisonment in the County jail for the term not exceeding ninety (90) days, or both, provided that this section shall not supersede any applicable penalty provision for specific offenses, which may be set forth in the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice, N.J.S.A. 2C:1-1, et seq., or in any other applicable state or federal law.

Note: County Park Rangers of the Division of Parks and Recreation are vested with police authority and empowered to make arrests for violations of rules and regulations governing the use of facilities and properties administered by the Division of Parks and Recreation. This is only a summary of the rules and regulations. Rules applying to special conditions, activities, or situations may be supplemental to these rules and regulations. When special rules apply, they will be posted at affected areas. The complete text of regulations is available for inspection at the Park administration office in Clinton Township during regular business hours.