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State of New Jersey
County of Hunterdon

Freeholders Declare April 2004 as Autism Awareness Month

WHEREAS, Autism is a severely incapacitating, lifelong developmental disability, resulting in significant impairment of an individual’s ability to learn, develop healthy interactive behaviors, and understand verbal, nonverbal, and reciprocal communication; and

WHEREAS, Autism is the third most common developmental disability, affecting more than 500,000 individuals nationwide, and 1 out of every 150 individuals in the State of New Jersey; and

WHEREAS, Autism is the result of a neurological disorder affecting the functioning of the brain, but few members of the general public understand this complex syndrome; and

WHEREAS, although a cure for Autism has not been found, persons with Autism can be helped to reach their greatest potential. Accurate, early diagnosis and the resulting appropriate education and medical treatments are vital to the future growth and development of the individual; and

WHEREAS, support groups, such as Unlocking Autism and Hunterdon Autism have dedicated years of service in their ongoing efforts to advocate for the rights, humane treatment, and appropriate education of all persons with Autism; and

WHEREAS, these groups remain committed to their cause and to educating families, professionals, and the general public to better understand this lifelong disability; and

WHEREAS, Autism is a complex disability that requires increased research to one day find a cure and prevention; and greater recognition and understanding to ensure that individuals with Autism living in Hunterdon County and all other Americans with Autism are accurately diagnosed and appropriately treated throughout their lives;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Hunterdon that April, 2004 be hereby proclaimed as National Autism Awareness Month, in the County of Hunterdon, State of New Jersey; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to all Board of Chosen Freeholders in the State of New Jersey, Governor James E. McGreevey, all Hunterdon County Legislators, and all municipalities in the County of Hunterdon.