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Inmate Population Report as of October 18, 2019 - 40 TOTAL INMATES

Inmates are Processed at the Hunterdon County Correctional Facility and then Transferred to the Somerset County Jail.
Charges and bail are subject to change. For further information contact Booking at 908-788-1184
or the Corrections Undersheriff at 908-806-5542.

Bahmeshan Abdulla HC36336 Fugitive From Justice No Bail
Brown Ramone HC36319 Knowingly Receive Stolen Property No Bail
Buhler Patrick HC36283 Contempt No Bail
Byrne Kelly HC36344 Contempt No Bail
Canahui   En Abner HC36280 Agg Assault/Poss of Weapon/ Threats to Kill No Bail
Carr Damian HC35189 Resisting Arrest No Bail
Coggins Samuel HC35816 Agg. Assault No Bail
Cooper Cherrel HC32321 Contempt of Drug Court No Bail
Evans Richard HC35125 Agg. Assault/Theft/Conspiracy  No Bail
Foster Jr Emeral HC22956 Agg. Assault Poss Weapon No Bail
Gellatly Maria HC36285 ISP Violation No Bail
Glynn Alex HC30620 Poss CDS/Obtain Poss CDS/Use Poss w/ Intent No Bail
Gomez Christine HC36341 Contempt No Bail
Griffin Linda HC36261 Agg. Assault/ Arson/ Resisting Arrest No Bail
Hartzag Briana HC35632 Suspension Probation No Bail
Heaton Brandon HC36140 Endangering No Bail
Hill Nigel HC35942 Suspension Probation No Bail
Holmes James HC36318 Harassment/ Contempt No Bail
Johnson Brett HC36182 Robbery No Bail
Johnson Bruce HC34784 Poss CDS No Bail
Kunjappan Kavita HC36246 Stalking No Bail
Langford William HC36339 Fugitive From Justice No Bail
Lewis Khyree HC36282 Agg . Assault No Bail
Mafaro Vincent HC36338 ISP Violation No Bail
Novak Richard HC16312 Obstructing/ Drive while Suspended 2nd Violation No Bail
Parker Nafiz HC36329 Obstructing/Poss CDS/Manu/Dist./Poss Weapon No Bail
Pfingst Bryan HC36272 Theft/ Fencing/ Forgery No Bail
Pieper Darren HC36190 Sex Acts Child/ Sex Assault/  Endangering No Bail
Pyzik Brandon HC32448 Agg. Assault/Robbery/Theft/ Poss of Weapon No Bail
Rodriguez Louis HC36229 Agg. Assault/ Threats to Kill/ Agg. Sexual Assault No Bail
Smith Andre HC34827 Conspiracy No Bail
Soltesz William HC35406 Violate Domestic Restraining Order No Bail
Staples Christopher HC28908 Terroristic Threats/Threats Crime of Violance $10,000
Steinbeiser Jessie HC34882 Harassment No Bail
Taylor Joshua HC34369 Simple Assault/ Criminal Mischief No Bail
Timko John HC14208 Driving While Suspended $1,308
Wilson Rashad HC36325 Eluding No Bail
Yannon Casey HC36230 Agg. Assault/Unlawful Poss. Weapon/Resisting/CDS No Bail
Zacarias Carlos HC35785 Agg. Sexual Assault/ Lewdness/ Endangering No Bail






Main Street County Complex, Building #1
71 Main Street, 1st Floor, PO Box 2900, Flemington, New Jersey 08822
908-788-1166  |  8:30 am to 4:30 pm  | sheriff@co.hunterdon.nj.us
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