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Inmate Population Report as of December 14, 2018 - 52 TOTAL INMATES

Inmates are Processed at the Hunterdon County Correctional Facility and then Transferred to the Somerset County Jail.
Charges and bail are subject to change. For further information contact Booking at 908-788-1184
or the Corrections Undersheriff at 908-806-5542.

Able Matthew HC35929 Poss CDS No Bail
Alvarez Brayhan HC35561 Operate a MV While DL Susp. 2nd Offense No Bail
Amankwa Louisa HC35546 Conspiracy No Bail
Anderson Lisa HC27176 Contempt of Drug Court No Bail
Applebaum Gregg HC35226 Poss CDS No Bail
Cable Andrea HC35078 Removing Price Tags No Bail
Carr Damien HC35189 Resisting Arrest/ Eluding No Bail
Chun Sung HC35990 Agg. Assault No Bail
Defrancisco Anthony HC36001 Theft/ Forgery No Bail
Delcristo Christopher HC35710 Manuf./Dist CDS or Intent to Manuf/Dist CDS No Bail
Desola Jennifer HC34474 Theft by Deception No Bail
Evans Austin HC33333 Theft by Unlawful Taking No Bail
Farley Raymond HC35744 Agg. Assault w/ Firearm,Threat to kill, Poss of Weap. No Bail
Fineman Jonathan HC35879 Eluding No Bail
Gonzalez Santos HC36008 Fugitive from Justice No Bail
Greer Tyler HC35964 Assault by Auto/ Resisting Arrest/ Eluding No Bail
Grencavage Derri HC21167 Obstruction No Bail
Griffin James HC35594 Lewdess/ Anonymous Communication No Bail
Gunn Andrew HC34189 Simple Assault/ Terroristic Threats No Bail
Hill Nigel HC35942 Burglary Theft No Bail
Hillgodwin Alwakee HC35818 Forgery/ Tampering No Bail
Iafelice Anthony HC33528 Removing Price Tags No Bail
Kreger Megan HC34630 Defiant Tresspass No Bail
Leon Juan HC35557 Poss CDS/ Manufacturing/ Distribution No Bail
Levengood Justin HC29422 Contempt No Bail
Michaud Robert HC30731 DWI No Bail
Morales Rivera Reinald HC35204 Poss CDS No Bail
Nencheck Michael HC33576 Terroristic Threats/ Agg. Assault No Bail
Novak Kenneth HC32507 Non-Support $21,054
Perry Daquan HC36010 Fugitive from Justice No Bail
Philhower Philip HC29672 Threats to Kill No Bail
Price Jerome HC26602 Unlawful Possession No Bail
Ricciardi Richard HC32282 Conspiracy No Bail
Rios Ralph HC26374 Obstructing No Bail
Rivera Johntay HC35645 Poss CDS No Bail
Robinson Richard HC35000 Agg. Assault No Bail
Robles Adrian HC35556 Poss CDS/ Manufacture/Distribution No Bail
Romagnolo Dean HC33465 Agg Assault/ Agg. Sex Assault/ Agg. Assault SBI No Bail
Saldana Emmanuel HC31684 Conspiracy No Bail
Schultz Christopher HC33244 ISP Violation No Bail
Sepkowski Samantha HC34951 Suspension of Probation No Bail
Standera Eric HC22970 Contempt No Bail
Stevenson Jonathan HC35781 Obsructing/ Receiving Stolen Prop/ Eluding No Bail
Teeling Brian HC32593 Aggravated Assault No Bail
Thompson Kenneth HC35732 Sexual Assault/ Endangering  No Bail
Torres Michael HC26390 Resist Arrest/Agg. Assault on Law Enforce No Bail
Vanburen Laweren HC35947 Criminal Attempt No Bail
Vargas Santos HC36012 Contempt of Drug Court No Bail
Vickers Maximillion HC35972 Poss CDS No Bail
Wetzel Ronald HC35954 Poss of Weapon/ Unlawful Possession No Bail
Zacarias Carlos HC35785 Agg. Sexual Assault/ Lewdness/ Endangering No Bail
Zahos Amanda HC35891 Poss CDS/ Poss w/ Intent/ Conspiracy No Bail






Main Street County Complex, Building #1
71 Main Street, 1st Floor, PO Box 2900, Flemington, New Jersey 08822
908-788-1166  |  8:30 am to 4:30 pm  | sheriff@co.hunterdon.nj.us
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