Section 6D - Bartles Corner Road to Flemington Circle
(Green on Map) Last Update: 01/310/2003


This Federal Aid project is currently under construction and will improve the operational characteristics of the six (6) major intersections between Black River & Western RR underpass and Bartles Corner Road. The project was awarded for construction on June 30, 2000. Due to utility/construction problems, the substantial completion date has been changed to October 2004. The staging of construction is continuously monitored to determine how construction can be expedited. If this coming winter is relatively mild, the contractor is reasonably confident construction can be completed earlier than this.

Work has commended on the three structures, however, at Bushkill Brook, a previously unknown gas main was discovered. Construction has been stopped until it can be relocated. Work on the other structures is continuing.

The municipalities will be notified in advance of major construction activities. Flemington Junction Road will now remain open with right in and right out movements only. There has been some concern relative to the traffic congestion through the project area. The traffic Safety unit is continuing to address the mainline congestion by revising the existing temporary signal timings and making adjustments, as required, to optimize operations at the intersections. The project is approximately 58% complete.


Operational Improvement will be made to six (6) major signalized intersections within this corridor, including widening the approaches to provide auxiliary/turning lanes and replacement of two (2) small bridges: The six (6) intersections are:

1) Bartles Corner Road / Sand Hill Road (Red on Map)
2) Minneakoning Road (Red on Map)
3) Walter Foran Boulevard (Red on Map)
4) East Main Street / Flemington Junction Road (Red on Map)
5) Highland Avenue / New Jersey Avenue (Red on Map)
6) Church Street / Voorhees Corner Road (Red on Map)

Construction Schedule: Phase I - Bartles Corner Road to RR overpass, Summer 2001
Phase II - RR overpass to Flemington Circle, Summer 2001
Construction Cost: $20 Million

The following is the anticipated construction sequence for the project (as depicted by the NJDOT)

SEPTEMBER 2000 to MARCH 2001

APRIL 2001 to SEPTEMBER 2001

OCTOBER 2001 to AUGUST 2002

There has been some concern relative to the traffic congestion through the project area. The Traffic Safety unit is addressing the mainline congestion by re-evaluating the existing temporary signal timings. In addition, there is significant traffic congestion in the vicinity of the Hunterdon Central Regional High School. Traffic has been attributed to internal circulation patters at the school campus. High school officials have looked into revising their internal circulation and declined. the Department recently completed plans to cul-de-sac (Red Devil Road/East Main Street/County Route 523) east of Route 31 at the request of Raritan Township. NJDOT is now investigating the feasibility of keeping open one-way access from the State highway onto Red Devil Road/East Main Street. Meetings on this subject will continue.
The contractor is maintaining minimal operations at this time due to the onset of winter. The project is approximately 27% complete.


MARCH 2003 to MAY 2003

JUNE 2003 to AUGUST 2003

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