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In an attempt to make bicycling more appealing to county residents, the Hunterdon County Planning Board has embarked on a planning effort that began in 2001, with the passage of the Hunterdon County Bicycle and Pedestrian Element. Through a grant from the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority, Inc., the county is preparing a refined study of conceptual routes identified in the original master plan element. The refined study investigates the difficulties that would be encountered in realizing a route in the southwest portion of the county.

The study’s purpose is to have an application ready plan detailing a system of bikeways that could benefit from federal or state funding when applications are solicited. The objective is to have a plan in place and coordinate bikeway planning with affected municipalities. Often the lag time between funding application notices and submission deadlines is very short, and without a full-time planner on staff, municipalities lose out. It should be noted that municipal approval would be required before applications can be submitted or applications filed.

The Southwest Loop traces County roads, except for a short stretch in the Borough of Stockton where SR29 is used as the connection from CR 523 to CR 519. The conceptual route goes through or touches Raritan Township, Delaware Township, Stockton Borough, Kingwood Township, Alexandria Township, and Franklin Township.

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