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This Plan has been funded by the North Jersey Transportation Authority and was undertaken to help develop a plan for the Route 202 Corridor that will improve safety and travel along this vital roadway.

Route 202 Presentation held on April 30, 2009

Route 202 serves as one of the primary travel corridors linking Somerset and Hunterdon Counties. During peak commuting hours, this corridor suffers from chronic congestion, extensive delays and serious safety issues. Combined with traffic congestion, the corridor lacks mobility choices, despite being surrounded by an extensive, multi-modal transit network. Commuters are unable to easily access these valuable transit services. However, with the appropriate planning and improvements, the study area has the potential to become a more balanced multimodal transportation system and a unified corridor with coordinated and cohesive land uses.

The Route 202 Corridor Assessment and Multi-Modal Mobility Plan is intended to provide a comprehensive analysis of the Route 202 corridor, looking at not only vehicular traffic flow and constraints, but also reviewing pedestrian, bicycle and multi-modal opportunities along the corridor. The plan identifies and advances a series of roadway and multi-modal mobility improvements for the corridor through extensive and ongoing public and stakeholder outreach and coordination.

Final Route 202 Corridor Assessment and Multi-Modal Mobility Plan

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