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This webpage was prepared to assist municipalities in developing their Municipal Stormwater Management Plans (MSWMP) and Ordinance required by the new Stormwater Phase II Permitting Regulations and the Stormwater Management Rules. The links and resources provided here will enable you to meet the requirements outlined in N.J.A.C. 7:8-4.2.

Download the Environmental Toolbox's Model Stormwater Control Ordinance for Municipalities
FINAL VERSION: November 7, 2005

Although not mandatory it is highly recommended that municipalities submit their MSWMP to the Hunterdon County Planning Board (HCPB), the designated County Review Agency, in both paper and electronic format as soon as a draft version is available. This way we can work with you on the plan before the formal review and approval process begins. We encourage you to use the information included on this webpage in addition to the NJDEP sample plan and ordinance for the formatting and creation of your MSWMP. The County has prepared a model to incorporate County specific data and parameters into the model plan provided by the NJDEP. The HCPB will use both models as templates to ensure that the minimum requirements are met for the NJDEP.

The HCPB encourages municipalities to contact us with questions, comments and concerns regarding the creation of the MSWMP and supporting ordinances, phone 908-788-1490 or email planning@co.hunterdon.nj.us.

Detention Basis Drainage Swale Wetlands
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Deadlines to remember

  • Adoption of the MSWMP is within 1 year of the effective date of NJPDES permit authorization, April 2005 (7:8-4.3(a)1).
  • Adoption of the stormwater control ordinance(s) is within 1 year of adoption of the MSWMP, April 2006 (7:8-4.3(b)).
  • Submission of the adopted MSWMP and stormwater control ordinance(s) to the HCPB for approval, conditional approval or disapproval is concurrent with the adoption date of the ordinances, April 2006 (7:8-4.3(b)).
    Note: Any MSWMP submission to the HCPB for review prior to the adoption of the implementing ordinances will be considered a preliminary draft review. The 60-day review period will not begin until both the plan and ordinance(s) have been adopted.
  • HCPB approval, conditional approval or disapproval granted within 60 calendar days of municipal submission to the County (7:8-4.4(c)).
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Provided by the Hunterdon County Planning Board on January 27, 2006.