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Public Opinion Survey
The public opinion survey was mailed out to County residents in April of 2003. The purpose of this survey was to gauge public sentiment about planning issues in the County and the tools that might better manage the County's fast pace of growth. The survey was prepared with special assistance from Rutgers University's Eagleton Institute for Public Interest Polling to create an objective questionnaire and valid polling process. A similar public opinion survey was conducted in 1993 as part of the County Planning Board's ongoing growth management process. Although the questions differed, the polling method for both surveys was nearly identical. The survey was mailed to 5,000 households using the Hunterdon County voter registration list. Both the 1993 and 2003 surveys were developed with the assistance of a professional polling organization and both had approximately the same response rate: 45% in 1993 and 42% in 2003.

Public Opinion Survey Results (PDF Format)

Internet-based Community Design Survey
From June through July of 2003, the County hosted a community design survey on the Internet. Participants were asked their opinion about various design images for the County. The Internet survey was designed to accomplish two things: 1) receive input from County residents on various design concepts for Hunterdon County and 2) promote public awareness of the various types of design options. Brief narratives and links were included in the survey providing explanations of planning concepts important for managing growth in Hunterdon County.

Internet Survey Results (PDF Format)

Mean values reflect the average response on a scale based on the number of possible responses to a give question. For example, if possible responses range from 1 (not appropriate) to 4 (very appropriate), then a mean score of 3.8 suggest an average response leaning toward very appropriate.

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