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The Hunterdon County Profile is a snap shot of Hunterdon County today, addressing nine critical topics. It provides data, trends and issues covering:

  1. Natural Resources
    1. Section 1 (PDF Format)
    2. Section 2 (PDF Format)
    3. Section 3 (PDF Format)
  2. Land Development (PDF Format)
  3. People and Housing (PDF Format)
  4. Transportation (PDF Format)
  5. Economic Development (PDF Format)
  6. Public Schools (PDF Format)
  7. Infrastructure (PDF Format)
  8. Agriculture (PDF Format)
  9. Historic Resources (PDF Format)

The Profile is currently a draft. We will look to our Planning Board, municipalities and the general public for comments and suggestions on how to change, refine or add to it. Eventurally, the Profile will become the first chapter in a new Hunterdon County Growth Management Plan.

Our Growth Management Plan is being developed in part with a Smart Growth Planning Grant from the New Jersey Department of community affairs. The Smart Growth Planning Program we have created to prepare this Plan relies on public input, especially beginning right now.

On September 30th, 2002 the Hunterdon County Planning Board hosted a program called "What's so Special About Hunterdon County?" The presentation focused on suggested goals for the new Growth Management Plan, and information about subsequent phases about our Smart Growth Planning Program. Your input is critical from this point forward to the completion of the plan in late 2003. And we will offer many opportunities to voice your opinions throughout the process.

For more information on what's happening currently, view our quarterly publication LandScapes or check out our meeting calendar. For general information on our Smart Growth Planning Program, view our Smart Growth Slide Show and FAQ’s.

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