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The best way to get involved in the planning process is to join a committee or attend the committee meetings. Committees will be responsible for guiding the various planning initiatives that the County Planning Board will undertake. Listed below are the various committees, what they will do and when they will be formed. Check back for additional committee updates and check the meeting calendar for times and dates. For more information, call 908-788-1490 or email planning@co.hunterdon.nj.us.

Steering Committee
This committee will guide the two year planning process through to completion. They will review and comment on reports from other committees, review all draft documents and comment on suggested public meeting formats and workshops.

Build-Out Committee
This technical advisory committee will be responsible for all items related to the creation of the build-out extension. The committee has already reviewed and provided input on the Request for Proposals, which will be circulated in the beginning of October in order to solicit consultants to create the extension. Future meetings of the committee will be to review the extension and for consideration of future modifications and continued use statewide.

Natural Resources Committee
This committee will review all draft reports, map and analyses of natural resources which the Hunterdon County Planning Board staff will prepare.

Groundwater Carrying Capacity Committee
This committee will be responsible for guiding the use of a groundwater carrying capacity model developed by the New Jersey Geological Survey, to determine groundwater resource limitations based on septic system usage. This committee will recommend specific policy directions, which in turn will influence the modelís results.

Land Use Advisory Committee
This committee will help develop policies and strategies that address not only land use but also its relationship to transportation, natural resources, design and all other topics that will be included in the Growth Management Plan. In addition, this committee will be responsible for developing indicators and targets-quantifiable goals that help us to periodically gauge success in achieving our Planís policies.

Community Design Committee
This committee will review community design principles and innovations that will be considered for inclusion in the Growth Management Plan. They will review draft documents and material compiled by the County Planning Board staff and aid in the creation of the visual preference survey that will be undertaken in year two of the planning process.

Additional committees may be created over the course of the planning process, so check back with this page to see if you are interested in participating. Anyone is welcome to attend committee meetings, so join in and provide your point of view.

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