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An exciting tool that will be developed under the Smart Growth Grant is the Build-Out extension for ArcView 8.1. Utilizing information already in the County’s state-of-the-art GIS (Geographic Information System), the County will contract with a consultant to develop a tool that systematically builds visual GIS Map representations of development that could occur on vacant parcels of land. This visualization will be constructed based on the current zoning and design standards that apply to a parcel and will provide representations of both residential and commercial development.

This tool will provide the County and its municipalities with a means to visualize the ramifications of current zoning on a widespread basis. The resulting products will provide everyone, residents included, with the means to understand the patterns of development that will result from the policies that are currently in place.

An additional function of the Build-Out Extension will be to provide visualizations of alternative development patterns. This will be accomplished through alterations of lot sizes, setbacks and the addition of open space design techniques for subdivisions.

Build-Out Extension PowerPoint presentation

The Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) User Conference Proceedings was a compilation of professional abstracts and papers that were presented at the 25th Annual ESRI International User Conference on July 25–29, 2005. The Hunterdon County Planning Department was one of many organizations that contributed to the conference by submitting and presenting papers on a diverse collection of GIS applications. The ESRI proceedings are designed to promote GIS applications by stimulating users to share their experiences and knowledge.

Hunterdon County ESRI Conference PowerPoint presentation

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