In February, 2000, the Hunterdon County Planning Board released its publication, “Preservation Community Character in Hunterdon County - A Community Design Handbook”. The Handbook was prepared in response to concerns expressed by residents and local officials in public forums held throughout the County. The concern was that new growth was eroding the character of Hunterdon County’s diverse communities. The County was asked to present options that local officials could use in addressing these concerns.

Thanks to a grant from the New Jersey Office of State Planning, the Handbook was researched, prepared and printed by the Hunterdon County Planning Board. Copies of the Handbook will be made available to each individual member of a Planning Board or Zoning Board of Adjustment. Due to printing problems, the distribution will be delayed for some municipalities until mid to late June, 2000. After every local official in the County has received a copy of the Handbook, additional copies will be made available to the general public at reproduction cost.

The following presentation offers an overview of the Handbook and was originally prepared for the Hunterdon County Planning Board's Breakfast Talks series this past February. Should you any comments or inquiries regarding this presentation, please contact Linda Weber, AICP/PP, Principal Planner at 908.788.1490, or email to her at