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Project Overview
In the summer of 2001, the Hunterdon County Planning Department and North Jersey Resource Conservation and Development Council received a grant from the US Forest Service to fund a two-year planning project. This project, undertaken in response to local interest, seeks to accomplish the following goals:

  • Increase municipal awareness of planning approaches to woodland conservation.
  • Provide fair and practical approaches to development options that help conserve woodlands.
  • Convey examples of creative site design techniques that maximize woodland conservation.
  • Develop technical knowledge among professionals, including builders, contractors, public works departments, etc. through demonstrating “Best Management and Construction Practices” that protect trees during the land development process.
  • Address various planning, enforcement and woodland management issues that have been raised by municipalities.
  • Increase municipal participation in the New Jersey Community Forestry Program.

A Steering Committee was formed to help guide and oversee the two-year project. Members include local officials, landscape architect and planners, builder, representative of the NJ Farm Bureau, representative of the NJ Forestry Association, corporate representation, environmental organizations, utility company representative, and interested residents. The Steering Committee is overseeing the following project activities:

  • Review of select municipal plans and relevant ordinances of six municipalities, identifying strengths, shortcomings and possible alternative considerations for their review Accomplished Task.
  • Interviews of 15–20 individuals representing diverse stakeholders within the County who either implement or are effected by woodland conservation programs and regulations. Ensure that all issues, perspectives and concerns are identified so the project can be tailored to address them Accomplished Task.
  • Map of woodland resources in Hunterdon County to be shared with municipalities Accomplished Task.
  • Two workshops on the NJ Community Forestry Program Accomplished Task.
  • One workshop on woodland conservation and the planning process primarily for local officials Accomplished Task.
  • One workshop on woodland conservation primarily for professionals Accomplished Task.
  • One workshop on the woodland conservation handbook and Sample Ordinance. (Word Format)
  • Preparation of a Woodland Conservation Handbook address planning, site design, engineering, and legal issues as well as the NJ Community Forestry Program.
  • Mini-grants to three municipalities seeking to implement various woodland conservation programs locally.

Steering Committee Members

  • Daniel J. Van Abs, Ph.D., P.P., A.I.C.P., Manager, NJ Water Supply Authority Watershed Protection Unit
  • Les Alpaugh, ForesTree Consultants, NJ Forestry Association
  • Ann Brady, Vice President, Regional Planning Partnership
  • Mike D'Errico, NJDEP Division of Parks & Forestry, NJ Community Forestry Program
  • Pamela Tappen, NJDEP Division of Parks & Forestry, NJ Community Forestry Program
  • Pino Blangiforti, Tewksbury Township Citizens Advisory Committee
  • Kurt Fischer, Franklin Township Planning Board
  • Charles “Wood” Halsey, Jr., Tewksbury Township Planning Board, (former member)
  • Mark Hartman, Wilmark Building Contractors, Inc.
  • Martina Hoppe, US Forest Service
  • Elizabeth C. McKenzie, P.P., P.A.
  • Gerald J. Nunziato, Manager of Site Services, Merck & Company, Inc.
  • Nick Polanin, County Agent, Rutgers Cooperative Extension
  • Ron Shapella, W. Amwell Township Planning Board and Environmental Commission
  • Walter Smickle, Franklin Township Planning Board
  • Michael Sullivan, ASLA, P.P., Clarke Caton Hintz
  • Jeremy Summitt, Independent Tree Service
  • Christopher Teasdale, Tewksbury Township Planning Board
  • Joan Van der Veen, West Amwell Township Planning Board
  • Ed Wengryn, NJ Farm Bureau (Formerly), NJ Department of Agriculture
  • Janet Wilusz, Alexandria Township

Project Managers

  • Caroline Armstrong, P.P., Supervising Planner, Hunterdon County Planning Department
  • Donna Drewes, P.P., Coordinator, North Jersey Resource Conservation and Development Council
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