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Dated 08/11/2010

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If you live in Hunterdon County you might get a phone call next week from Holleran Consulting, a professional firm based in Mountville, Pennsylvania. Your county health department, Hunterdon Medical Center, and Hunterdon Healthcare Partners are asking you to take this call because what you say will be used in helping design and efficiently manage county public health and health care programs and services.

"We've asked Holleran Consulting to poll our county residents about their lifestyle choices," said John Beckley, health officer and director of the Hunterdon County Department of Health. "Holleran worked with our county on the previous three surveys spanning 15 years. Today, we have a better understanding of overall health in Hunterdon County because of what we've learned by doing the survey every five years. This is a major undertaking that, based on the honest answers of residents, is a driving factor in designing and more resourcefully administering the health services needed in the county."

Yasmin Rivera, health educator with the Hunterdon County Department of Health, prepares a batch of TAKE OUR CALL flyers advertising the upcoming health telephone survey to begin on August 23. DOWNLOAD FLYER HERE.

Trained interviewers will randomly contact and anonymously interview 1,100 Hunterdon County households through a health-focused telephone survey to begin August 23. Later compiled into a statistical product known as the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance, the survey data will offer a benchmark not only of current county health behaviors and choices but also an excellent comparative of similar behaviors for the past 15 years. This provides a valuable look at where the local health community is achieving success in its programs and where future resources should be directed.

"By openly asking Hunterdon County residents about their health and lifestyle choices, we get the best possible information about personal decisions being made on a day-to-day basis that affect individual health and quality of life in our community," explained Beckley. 

Robert Wise, President and CEO of Hunterdon Healthcare added, “The data gathered from this survey is important to developing programs that fulfill a need in our community.  From previous surveys, Hunterdon Medical Center and the County Health Department have concentrated on nutrition, cardiac risk assessment and behavioral health as issues that are concerns to residents.”  

The BRFSS is a national initiative lead by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The survey is used to measure the health status and risk factors among citizens. Funding for this project is provided by the Hunterdon Medical Center, Hunterdon Healthcare Partners, Hunterdon County United Way, Hunterdon County YMCA, and the county health department.

"If you are one of the residents who get a call, this is your opportunity to confidentially share your health opinions," Beckley emphasized. "This is an important way to make a positive difference in future health services for all Hunterdon County residents."


www.co.hunterdon.nj.us | Department of Health | 2010 Public Information & Notices