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Dated 02/27/2006

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County Health Department
March is National Nutrition Month

DATED: Thursday, March 23, 2006
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CONTACT PERSON: Carl Rachel, Public Relations Director
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The Hunterdon County Department of Health encourages everyone to "Step up to Nutrition and Health"- the theme of this year's National Nutrition Month. The national campaign, sponsored since 1980 by the American Dietetic Association, emphasizes the importance of good nutrition as a component of health, along with physical activity. The Association recommends making smart choices from each food group included in the new "My Pyramid" food guide.

"Eating smart means choosing your calories wisely," said Darlene Andes, health educator with the Public Health Nursing & Education division of the county health  department. "We can do this my selecting foods high in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and making sure that our serving sizes are appropriate."

Finding a balance between food and physical activity is key to living a healthy lifestyle. In order to be healthy, however, food also has to be safe. The Association stresses that food needs to be properly handled, prepared and stored to protect you and your family from foodborne illness.

To test your understanding of basic nutritional facts, check out the interactive Nutrition Jeopardy game on the county health department site www.co.hunterdon.nj.us/health.htm.

Additional informational is also available on National Nutrition Month at the American Dietetic Association site www.eatright.org.

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