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71 Main Street, Freeholder's Meeting Room, 2nd Floor
Flemington, New Jersey 08822
4:30 pm - Convene Executive Session
5:30 pm - Convene Open Session


I. 4:30 p.m.   CONVENE:  

"This meeting is being held in accordance with the provisions of the Open Public Meetings Act.  Adequate notice has been given by posting throughout the year a copy of the notice on Bulletin Boards on the First and Second Floor of the Main Street County Complex, Building #1, Flemington, New Jersey, a public place reserved for such announcements. A copy was mailed on or before January 02, 2018, to the Hunterdon County Democrat, Star Ledger, Trenton Times, Courier News, TAPinto (online) and the Express Times, newspapers designated to receive such notices and by filing a copy with the Hunterdon County Clerk.”


  1. To discuss legal issues.
  2. To discuss personnel issues.
  3. To discuss land issues.





  1. PROCLAMATION - Recognizing the late Joyce Kirchin for her many accomplishments.
  2. PROCLAMATION - Recognizing Robert “Bob” Mickel on his retirement from Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Hunterdon County.
  3. PROCLAMATION - Recognizing Ruth Claus for volunteering as a Master Gardner for Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Hunterdon County.
  4. PROCLAMATION - Recognizing Joseph Kwan, Boy Scout Troop 1969, on attaining the designation of Eagle Scout.
  5. PROCLAMATION - Recognizing Sean Quinn, Boy Scout Troop 1969, on attaining the designation of Eagle Scout.

VII. PUBLIC COMMENT, Limited to 2 minutes per person.
(Comments exceeding 2 minutes will be entertained later in the agenda).

VIII. FINANCE, Janet R. Previte, County Financial Officer

  1. RESOLUTION -  Approving a second Temporary County Budget.

IX. PURCHASING, Raymond E. Rule, Jr.

  1. RESOLUTION - Approving Requisition #R8-01092, using State Contract #A-89851, for a County-Wide Microsoft Enterprise Software and Windows Licensing for 2018, with Software House International, in an amount not to exceed $136,732.60.
  2. RESOLUTION - Authorizing the award of County Bid #2017-27, for Landscape Maintenance and Mowing Services, to Total Lawn Care & Landscape Services, LLC, in an amount not to exceed $33,000.
  3. RESOLUTION - Approving a professional services agreement, using RFP #0111-2017, for a Subsurface Exploration and Geotechnical Assessment report (Soil Testing), to French & Parello Associates, PA, in an amount not to exceed $35,000.
  4. RESOLUTION - Approving a professional services agreement, using RFP #0108-2017, for Material Testing Services, to Key-Tech, in an amount not to exceed $20,000.
  5. RESOLUTION - Approving a professional services agreement, using RFP #0108-2017, for Material Testing Services, to Advanced Infrastructure Design, Inc., in an amount not to exceed $20,000.


  1. RESOLUTION - James Keehbler appointed unclassified, full time Director, Hunterdon County Library.

XI. PUBLIC WORKS, Tom Mathews, Director

  1. Update of various County road and bridge projects.
  2. RESOLUTION - Authorizing an amendment to the February 22, 2000 resolution designating “Through Street” and “Stop” intersections effecting County Route 513, in Alexandria, Clinton, Lebanon and Union Townships, Clinton Town, and Frenchtown and High Bridge Boroughs.
  3. RESOLUTION - Approving the annual Accomplishment Report for the Hunterdon County Shade Tree Commission, and authorizing its submission to the New Jersey Shade Tree Commission and Community Forestry Program.


  1. RESOLUTION - Authorizing final approval for a development easement, for the Miller Farm, from Milene and Ruth Milene Miller, for Block 30, Lot 6, in Tewksbury Township, approximately 39 acres; (SADC-$315,900; County-$105,300; Township-$105,300), total amount of $526,500.
  2. RESOLUTION - Authorizing final approval for an amended cost sharing breakdown for the acquisition of the development easement, for the Hope Hill Farm, from Jason R. and Sarah Christian Vartikar-McCullough, for Block 23, Lots 8.01, 8.20, 8.21 and 8.22, in Franklin Township; (Natural Resources Conservation Services (RCPP Grant-$335,000; SADC-$351,000), total amended amount of $686,000.


  1. Update.


“All matters listed under the Consent Agenda are considered to be routine by the Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Hunterdon and will be enacted by one motion in the form listed below.  There will be no separate discussion of these items.  If discussion is desired that item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and will be considered separately.”
  1. Motion to approve the claims in accordance with the Claims Register dated February 20, 2018.
  2. Motion to approve the regular and executive session minutes of February 06, 2018.
  3. RESOLUTION - Jennifer Winberry granted a one-time payment for covering the Hunterdon County Library Director vacancy since July of 2017.
  4. RESOLUTION - Frank Crisologo appointed unclassified, full time Chief of Detective, Prosecutor’s Office.
  5. RESOLUTION - Ryan Ziemba, Traffic Supervisor, Public Works Department, supervisory longevity payment, in accordance with the CWA Supervisory contract.
  6. RESOLUTION - Terry Edwards, Supervising Librarian, County Library, salary adjustment in accordance with the CWA Supervisory contract.
  7. RESOLUTION - Paige Wernoch appointed full time Assistant Buyer, Division of Purchasing, Finance Department.
  8. RESOLUTION - Colin Frinzi appointed full time Detective, Prosecutor’s Office.
  9. RESOLUTION - Approving revised resolution appointments to the combined Professional Advisory Committee to the Mental Health Board/Professional Advisory Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, for 2018.
  10. RESOLUTION - Approving the appointment of R. Forest Locandro to the County’s Agricultural Development Board.
  11. RESOLUTION - Approving the acceptance of a donation from Dr. Ceasar DePaco and his wife, Deanna Padovani-DePaco, of a Bomb Sniffing Dog, for the Prosecutor’s Office.
  12. RESOLUTION - Approving specifications for the Painting of County Bridges: D-488, located on Old Mill Road, in Delaware Township; K-87, located on Milltown Road, in Kingwood Township; L-109, located on Hickory Run Road, in Lebanon Township; P-159, located on River Road, in Frenchtown Borough; Q-160, located on Rake Road, in Raritan Township; R-168, located on Barley Sheaf Road, in Readington Township; and as an Alternate T-106, located on Water Street, in Tewksbury Township; and authorizing the County Purchasing Agent to advertise for bids.
  13. RESOLUTION - Approving a Fiscal Agreement with the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce for the Hunterdon County Hackathon.
  14. RESOLUTION - Authorizing the release of a Performance Bond, in the form of a paper bond #5019032, for roadway improvements to County Route 523, Block 63, Lots 50 and 51, in Raritan Township, for the Robin Hill 8 Milestone Manor, Section 4, to Robert Mortara, Country Side, Inc., in the amount of $6,976.
  15. RESOLUTION - Approving a purchase agreement for an easement for the Drag Strip property in Franklin Township.
  16. RESOLUTION - Supporting the recommendations of the Traffic Engineering Evaluation of Route 22 Median Openings in Readington Township, and Readington Townships’ efforts on behalf of public safety.


  1. RESOLUTION - Approving a grant award with the Juvenile Justice Commission, for 2018, for state funding in the amount of $283,709, for the purpose of serving juveniles through the County’s Youth Services Commission.
  2. RESOLUTION - Approving a grant contract with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, for the 2018 County Environmental Health Act (CEHA), in the amount of $278,450. (Federal-$11,000; State-$128,850; County Match-$138,600).


  1. Dan Brannen, Grand Fondo NJ, requesting permission to again use the parking area and grass lawn of the North County Branch Library, as a rest and refreshment area during their 8th annual biking event, on Sunday, September 09, 2018 from approximately 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.  This event is a fundraiser for numerous New Jersey based non-profit organizations.
  2. Flemington Historic Preservation Commission, requesting permission to use the Historic Courthouse on April 14, 2018, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., for a free educational workshop on preserving historic houses in small American towns; as well as requesting a waiver of the facility fee.
  3. Charles Crocco, Team Somerset Bicycling Club, again requesting permission to use County roads to conduct individual time trials, on Saturday, May 05, 2018, starting at 7:30 a.m. until 9:30 a.m.
  4. Califon Memorial Day Committee, requesting permission to close a portion of County Route 512, from School Street to Academy Street, for one hour, commencing at 10:45 a.m., for their annual Memorial Day Parade.



XVIX. EXECUTIVE SESSION (Reconvene if necessary)

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