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Dated: 08/10/2007

A complete copy of the August 14 , 2007 Minutes will be available in Adobe Acrobat Reader when approved.

Hunterdon County Administration Building
71 Main Street, Flemington, New Jersey 08822
Tuesday, August 14, 2007

l. 3:00 p.m. CONVENE:

"This meeting is being held in accordance with the provisions of the Open Public Meetings Act. Adequate notice has been given by posting throughout the year a copy of the notice on Bulletin Boards on the First and Second Floor of the Main Street County Complex, Building #1, Flemington, New Jersey, a public place reserved for such announcements. A copy was mailed on or before January 02, 2007, to the Hunterdon County Democrat, Lambertville Beacon, The Express, Courier News, Trenton Times, Hunterdon Review and Star Ledger, newspapers designated to receive such notices and by filing a copy with the Hunterdon County Clerk.”



“All matters listed under the Consent Agenda are considered to be routine by the Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Hunterdon and will be enacted by one motion in the form listed below. There will be no separate discussion of these items. If discussion is desired that item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and will be considered separately.”

  1. Motion to approve claims in accordance with the Claims Register dated August 14, 2007.
  2. RESOLUTION - Charles Ouslander appointed unclassified, full time First Assistant Prosecutor, Prosecutor’s Office.
  3. RESOLUTION - Patrick Masterson appointed permanent, full time Assistant Supervising Bridge Repairer, Roads, Bridges and Engineering.
  4. RESOLUTION - Helen Nassar appointed permanent, full time Senior Account Clerk, Human Services.
  5. RESOLUTION - Jean Raper appointed permanent, part time Librarian, Library.
  6. RESOLUTION - Linda Reynolds appointed permanent, full time Librarian, Library.
  7. RESOLUTION - Amy Gates appointed permanent, full time Senior Clerk Typist, County Clerk’s Office.
  8. RESOLUTION - Matthew Kriegl, appointed permanent, full time GIS Trainee, Information Technology Department.
  9. RESOLUTION - Michelle Nesti appointed provisional, full time Senior Clerk Transcriber, Division of Social Services, Human Services Department.
  10. RESOLUTION - Anthony DeNichilo appointed provisional, part time Security Guard, Sheriff’s Office.
  11. RESOLUTION - Sandra Liebl appointed provisional, full time Senior Clerk Transcriber, Superintendent of School’s Office.
  12. RESOLUTION - Corey Fischer appointed temporary, as needed Recreational Leader, Parks and Recreation.
  13. RESOLUTION - Tait Mandler appointed temporary, as needed Recreational Leader, Parks and Recreation.
  14. RESOLUTION - Lauren Fischer appointed temporary, as needed Recreational Leader, Parks and Recreation.
  15. RESOLUTION - Courtney Ngai appointed temporary, as needed Recreational Leader, Parks and Recreation.
  16. RESOLUTION - Marc Katz, Public Health Representative 3, Health Department, adjustment of hours.
  17. RESOLUTION - Michael Rasimowicz, Division Head, Information Technology Department, adjustment of hours.
  18. RESOLUTION - Michael Rasimowicz, appointed provisional, full time Manager I, Information Processing, in the Information Technology Department.
  19. RESOLUTION - Amy Jo Seeley, Senior Technician MIS, Information Technology Department, adjustment of hours.
  20. RESOLUTION - Jonathan James, Road Repairer, Roads, Bridges and Engineering, salary adjustment.
  21. RESOLUTION - Denise B. Doolan re-appointed unclassified, full time Clerk to the Board of Chosen Freeholders, Freeholders’ Office.
  22. RESOLUTION - Approving salary adjustments for the County Clerk, County Surrogate and County Sheriff.
  23. RESOLUTION - Approving the re-appointments of Grace Hart, Michael LaCosta, Susan Jackson, Glenn Duncan, Karin Gruss, Joanne Furze, Terry Tehsildar, Dee Wright, Kathy Straley and the new appointment of Suzanne Fischer to the Professional Advisory Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse .
  24. RESOLUTION - Approving the appointments of Mark Paradis and Irene Pasternak to the Advisory Council to Area Agency on Aging.
  25. RESOLUTION - Approving the adoption of Administrative Policy #2007-02, County In-Kind Services/Equipment Loaning by Municipalities & Other Outside Agencies.
  26. RESOLUTION - Approving a contract modification with the NJ Department of Human Services, Division of Disability Services, for the continued administration of non-service related aspects of the Personal Assistant Services, increased ceiling amount of $42,320.00.
  27. RESOLUTION - Approving a Lease Agreement, for a County-owned 1992 IR DD24 Roller, as an in-kind service with the Township of Holland, for the period of August 20 thru September 3, 2007.
  28. RESOLUTION - Authorizing return of a Cash Performance Bond to Ferruggia Associates, LLC, in the amount of $110,368.57.
  29. RESOLUTION - Authorizing return of a Road Opening Bond to Eric Gochko, in the amount of $1,000.00.
  30. RESOLUTION - Authorizing return of a Road Opening Bond to James Foran, in the amount of $400.00.


  1. RESOLUTION - Opposing the establishment of an Asset Monetization Plan as part of the State’s FY 2007 budget.


  1. PROCLAMATION - recognizing Nicholas Vaughn Pillon for obtaining the distinction of Eagle Scout

VI. FINANCE, Charles Balogh, Jr., County Treasurer

  1. Acknowledgement of receipt of 2006 Hunterdon County Audit.
  2. INTRODUCTION - Bond Ordinance #14-07 authorizing the construction of a clubhouse at the Heron Glen Golf Course in the amount of $2,300,000.00.


  1.   Update of various County roads and bridges.


  1. RESOLUTION - Approving a deed of easement and grant agreement with Clifford Scott Sekel, on Block 35, Lots 87 and 91.012, in Lebanon Township, (SADC - $333,801.80, Federal - $78,541.60, County - $0, Township - $78,541.60), total amount $490,885.00.

IX. OPEN SPACE, Kevin Richardson, Coordinator

  1. RESOLUTION - Approving sale of real property, formerly “Juniper III”, Block 57, Lot 13, in Delaware Township, at a public auction, scheduled for September 20, 2007, conducted by Max Spann Real Estate Auction Co.
  2. William Schleicher, deed of easement (non-exclusive) for an easement across a portion of Block 2, Lot 100, Township of Tewksbury

X. PURCHASING, John P. Davenport, III

  1. RESOLUTION - Approving Requisition # 23531, with D & D Trailers, for trailers, Department of Public Safety, in the amount of $12,090.00.
  2. RESOLUTION - Approving Requisition #HCJ.46803, with Derby Industries, for mattresses, Corrections Department, in the amount of $11,336.00
  3. RESOLUTION - Authorizing the award of Bid #2007-22, for roof replacement at the Corrections Facility, to VMG Group, amount not to exceed $186,000.00.
  4. RESOLUTION - Authorizing award of Bid #2007-26, to furnish and deliver transportable and portable aluminum bleachers for the County Parks Department, to Louis Barbato Landscaping, Inc., amount not to exceed $42,114.00.
  5. RESOLUTION- Authorizing award of Bid #2007-25, for 87 octane unleaded gasoline reformulated for the County of Hunterdon, to the Petroleum Traders Corporation, Roads, Bridges & Engineering Department, amount not to exceed, $718,502.40.


  1. Quarterly update.


  1. Norman Diegnan requests on behalf of Tewksbury Township Forestry Advisory Board, a memorial plaque/tree for Mr. John Van Doren.


  1. RESOLUTION - Approving the Special Initiatives and Transportation contract with the NJ Human Services Department, Division of Family Development, for reimbursement of child care fees; employment-related transportation thru LINK; various vehicle expenses for employment for TANF, potential/post TANF consumers, in the amount of $111,519.00.
  2. RESOLUTION - Approving a Enhanced 9-1-1 County Coordinator contract with the NJ Office of Information and Technology, Office of Emergency Telecommunications Services, for Enhanced Telecommunications Services, in the amount of $25,000.00.
  3. RESOLUTION - Approving a Sustainable Agriculture contract with the NJ Highlands Protection & Planning Council, to support the Rutgers Integrated Crop Management Program, in the amount of $75,000.00.
  4. RESOLUTION - Approving the FY06 & FY07 Job Access/Reverse Commute (JARC – Round 8 & 9) with NJ Transit to allocate appropriated funds for job-related transportation to the general public, TANF/Post TANF, low income & transit-dependent consumers, also supports the evening/Saturday Flemington Shuffle, (Federal -$216,000.00; Local Match - $216,000.00).



  1. To discuss personnel matters.
  2. To discuss legal matters.
  3. To discuss land issues.


  1. A. Irvin Hockenbury regarding property adjoining the Reaville Church.

XVII. EXECUTIVE SESSION (Reconvene if necessary)