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Why buy local?

With the increase of food transportation costs, food safety issues, and a movement towards healthier diet, local buying stimulates Hunterdon County’s economy and creates positive relationships within the community. You also decrease the miles the food has traveled from the farm to your fork. Many local farms offer products with fewer pesticides or organic products. And nothing beats the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables!

How do I search for a specific farm or produce?

Our website will soon include a keyword search that will allow you to search for a specific produce, location, or activity. For now, you can search by clicking on the map of municipalities to search for farms in your area, a list of organic farms, farmers markets, or the alphabetical master list. The lists are also available in PDF format which allows for easy printing.

How can I participate on the website?

We encourage you to tell everyone about the website. If you visit a farm stand that is not included, let the farm stand know that we exist. If you are interested in participating in the directory, you can send us an e-mail. We will send you a questionnaire to complete for each listing and we will add your information to the website as soon as we receive your information.

I am participating in the directory but would like to change some information in my listing. Can I make changes to my information?

Absolutely. We want to provide up to date information for our web users and encourage farms to update yearly with new products or services provided at their farm stand or market. Just contact us at planning@co.hunterdon.nj.us with changes and we will update your information.

I feel uncomfortable buying from a local farm stand because I’m not sure if I can trust the source of the products. Any advice?

The website offers contact information for each farm listing so website users can easily communicate with local famers. Many of the local famers listed welcome e-mails and phone calls to discuss their products. Most farmers love to talk about their crops and how hard they work to grow it. These local farmers work hard to grow healthy crops and often take into account agriculture sustainability. The information contained in the Hunterdon County Farm Stand and Market Directory is provided to Hunterdon County by outside sources and we endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct, Trust your instincts and use good judgment when buying products of any kind, anywhere.