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It is with great pleasure we welcome you to the Hunterdon County Farm Stand and Market Directory, updated by the County Planning Board and the County Agriculture Development Board (CADB).

Hunterdon County is fortunate enough to produce a diverse variety of agricultural products and is able to offer this opportunity to take advantage of local products. This directory increases community relations between Hunterdon County residents, visitors, and farmers allowing both small and large operations to be highlighted on the list.

The directory will continue to be updated as more information and enhancements becomes available. You will soon have the ability to search by keywords, allowing you to search for specific products, areas, and farm stand and market information like “bathroom”, “parking” or “free range”.

To be included in this Directory, please fill out our Questionaire and submit it to the Hunterdon County CADB.


To define the CADB's role in farmland preservation and to help guide future policies, the following mission statement and program objectives were adopted by the CADB: "Promote the present and future of Hunterdon County agriculture by preserving agricultural land and by promoting public education and agricultural viability."

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