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Off-Leash Dog Area
The Hunterdon County Board of Chosen Freeholders and friends at the Grand Opening of the Off-Leash Area held on May 27, 2003


Location: The Hunterdon County Off-Leash Dog Area is located on Route 12 just west of the Route 12 Flemington Circle and adjacent to the Route 12 Hunterdon County Complex on Route 12.

Physical Address: 314 State Route 12, Flemington, NJ 08822

Take Route 80 to Route 287 South. Take the exit for Route 202/206 South. Stay on Route 202 South, over the Somerville Circle, to Flemington. At the Flemington Circle, take the second right-hand exit onto Route 12 West. Stay on Route 12 past 2 more circles. The Route 12 Complex is on the left, approximately 2 miles from the last circle. Dog area is on the left as you enter the complex.

Follow Route 31 South toward Flemington. At the Flemington Circle, take the first exit onto Route 12 West. Stay on Route 12 past 2 more circles. The Route 12 Complex is on the left, approximately 2 miles from the last circle. Dog area is on the left as you enter the complex.

Follow Route 31 North to the Flemington Circle. Go 3/4 of the way around the circle and get onto Route 12 West. Stay on Route 12 past 2 more circles. The Route 12 Complex is on the left, approximately 2 miles from the last circle. Dog area is on the left as you enter the complex.

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The following rules/regulations are intended to supplement, not supersede public laws of the Township of of Raritan:

  1. The Hunterdon County Off-Leash Dog Area is open to the public from dawn to dusk, daily.
  2. Users must abide by all Rules and Regulations governing the use of Hunterdon County Parklands and must comply with the directions of County Personnel.
  3. Children under ten (10) years of age are not permitted within the fenced enclosure. Children between the ages of ten (10) and fifteen (15) years of age are permitted within the fenced enclosure, under close adult supervision. Children sixteen (16) years of age and older, are permitted within the fenced enclosure without adult supervision.
  4. Use is limited to two dogs at one time, per person. Please limit use to 30 minutes.
  5. Dogs showing unacceptable behavior towards people or other dogs must be leashed immediately and removed from the area.
  6. Puppies under six months of age are prohibited.
  7. Dogs must be spayed or neutered.
  8. Dogs must wear flat-buckle collars, displaying a valid license and current vaccinations tag.
  9. Users must properly secure access gates and leash their dogs prior to entering and upon leaving the off-leash dog area. Users must carry a leash for each dog within the fenced enclosure, at all times.
  10. Users must clean up after their dogs.
  11. Rawhide and other dog food products are prohibited within the fenced enclosure.
  12. Food and beverages (for human consumption) are prohibited within the fenced enclosure.
  13. Users are responsible for any damage caused by dogs; to include, but not be limited to:  digging, scratching, chewing, illness, and/or any damage to the off-leash dog facility, access pathways, and parking areas, including any damage to vehicles, property, and pedestrians, therein.


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What Is An Off-Leash Area?

An Off-Leash Area is an area where dog owners may bring their pets to run free within an enclosed area. The area is fenced with a five (5) foot high fence and either a double or triple gate is provided. The area is generally over an acre in size and sometimes provides a separate area for smaller dogs to run free without concerns for larger dogs.

Who May Use An Off-Leash Area?

Any child between the ages of 10 and 15 years may accompany their dog with adult supervision.

Any child 16 years of age or older may accompany their dog without adult supervision.

Dogs that have been neutered or spayed may use the area. This is because a dog that has been neutered or spayed is generally less aggressive. It is also to prevent an unwanted pregnancy or possible attacks on other dogs.

Who May Not Use The Off-Leash Area?

Any child under the age of ten (10) years old.

Any dog that has aggressive tendencies toward other dogs or people.

Puppies under the age of six (6) months.

How Is The Off-Leash Area Used?

A person wishing to use the Off-Leash Area will park their vehicle in the upper parking area for the Library. No vehicles are to park on the paved drive leading to the Off-Leash Area.

A person may bring no more than two (2) dogs with them at a time.

The pet handler will leash the dog(s), prior to exiting the vehicle, and walk them to the Area.

Upon entering the first gate of the Off-Leash Area and closing it, the dog handler may unleash the dog(s) and open the second gate to let the dog(s) run free. All gates are to kept closed.

Dog toys are permitted and must be taken with the handler upon leaving the Off-Leash Area. Tennis balls should not be left for other dogs to play with. It has been found at other Off-Leash Areas that canine illnesses may be spread by the use of the tennis balls by other dogs.

Pets that show an unacceptable behavior toward other Off-Leash Area users shall be immediately leashed and removed from the Area. Pet handlers are responsible for the behavior of their pets.

Pet Handlers are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. There are plastic bags and waste containers at the site.

Other Things To Know About the Off-Leash Area

Dogs shall wear a flat-buckle collar displaying a current dog license. Under State Law, in order to receive a dog license all vaccinations must be current.

Food is not allowed in the Off-Leash Area, whether for dog or human consumption.

The Area is open from sunrise to sunset, seven days a week, including holidays.

The Off-Leash Area is located at the Route 12 County Complex in Raritan Township.

There are two (2) benches located in the Off-Leash Area and two (2) located outside the fence near the entrance.

All rules and regulations governing the usage of any Hunterdon County Park area are enforced. Users must comply with directions issued by any County personnel.

It is suggested that Off-Leash Area users wait to use the area if County Personnel are performing maintenance tasks in the area.

The Hunterdon County Off-Leash Area is approximately 1.75 acres. There is no separate area for smaller dogs.

No water is provided at the Area, so owner/handler should bring water with them.

The Area has trees along the edges and smaller trees are located throughout the Area to provide shade on hot days.


Any questions or comments regarding this facility may be directed to the office of the
Hunterdon County Division of Parks and Recreation,
By telephone: (908) 782- 1158, or by e-mail: