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Laport Reserve

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1020 State Route 31, Lebanon, NJ 08833
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Deer Path Park Guide and Trail Map


About Laport Reserve

Laport Reserve is named after its formerproperty owner, Edmund Laport (1902-1983). He was one of the most recognized experts in the field of radio wave communication. In the 1920s, he developed the circuitry for airplane receivers that provided the ability to communicate by radio. In 1928, he married his wife Gertrude, and they moved to China to build radio stations. When political tensions between China and Japan mounted, the Laports moved back to the U.S. where Edmund landed a job with the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) in Camden and learned to design broadcast transmitters. In 1944, he became the chief engineer of RCA International. A decade later, he was promoted to Corporate Director of Broadcast Engineering at the RCA facility in Princeton, NJ. It was at this time that the Laports purchased this 48-acre farm in East Amwell to practice organic gardening. Before Gertrude's death in 1991, she bequeathed the property to the county, which took possession the following year.


A private residence is located within the property. Therefore the house, the immediate area around it, and a portion of the driveway are off limits to the general public. Please do not encroach on this restricted area or disturb the resident.

Habitat of Laport

The habitat of the Laport Reserve is composed of two grassland meadows, and a few small wooded areas. The first of the two meadows is along the entrance road. The larger meadow is located along the eastern side of the property and supports grassland birds like Eastern Bluebirds. The trees and brush along the edge of the field offer shelter for foraging animals such as Eastern Cottontails and Gray Squirrels. Search the tree line and the sky for perched and hunting raptors as they scan the meadow for prey. Red-tailed Hawks are a common predator.

The wooded areas provide shelter for larger wildlife. Tracks and other evidence can be found from the animals moving through the area. Signs of turkey and deer are common, but evidence of fox and raccoon has also been

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The Laport Property is located in East Amwell Township at 216 Mountain Road, Ringoes 08551. The park is open from dawn to dusk. No restrooms facilities are available.

Directions from the Flemington Area: Take Route 202/31 south for 5 miles, and take the exit for Route 31 south. Stay on Route 31 south for approximately 1 1/4 miles until the junction with Rocktown Road on the left. Turn onto Rocktown Road and proceed 1/2 mile to Mountain Road. Make the right onto Mountain Road, proceed 3/4 mile, and turn left into the driveway of the park. Proceed down the driveway to the parking lot on the left. Note: The remainder of the driveway is part of the private residence. Do not hike down the driveway.

Directions from the Lambertville Area: Take Route 202 north until the exit for Route 31 south. Then proceed as above.

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Recreation Opportunities

The Laport Property offers an easy loop trail through small meadows and a young wooded area. Mountain biking and other uses are not permitted on this trail. Some areas of this trail are often wet.

Trail Map and Guide Information

NOTE: Trail Guides are set up as foldable brochures. Please print and fold in half vertically to view in proper order. Additionally, you may have to rearrange pages. Maps should be printed on Legal Size Paper

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