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Hunterdon County Cultural and Heritage Commission

Hunterdon County Cultural and Heritage Commission


Art Pride New Jersey: Help Restore Arts and History Funding. Ask your elected officials to restore state cultural funding that contributes over $2 billion each year to NJ's economy. NJ arts and history industries contribute over $2 billion each year to our State's economy through direct and patron related spending. NJ cultural funding is part of the economic solution, especially during the tough budget times. Visit to learn how you can help.

New Jersey Historical Commission: The New Jersey Historical Commission offers free teaching materials on its new Internet home page. The site includes resources to help teach New Jersey history, geography and civics in elementary schools, and to incorporate New Jersey history into high schools. The on-line materials contain sample classroom lessons, including primary source documents, maps and other visual materials.

New Jersey Historic Preservation Office: A state office dedicated to identifying, protecting, preserving, and sustaining New Jersey's heritage.

New Jersey Skylands:“Skylands” is simply a perspective; a way of looking at and appreciating Northwestern New Jersey. “Thinking Skylands” endeavors to meld those characteristics shared by the constituent counties, towns, ridges, valleys, country roads and sections of interstate into a comprehensive portrait; one more attentive to geographic, cultural, and historical attributes than county and municipal borders. Explore the remarkable personality of this place!

New Jersey State Council on the Arts: Established as a state agency in 1966 to promote and support quality arts for all citizens of New Jersey. With funding from the NJ State Legislature and project funds from the National Endowment for the Arts and other federal agencies, it provides financial assistance to arts organizations and artists in the form of grants and fellowships; maintains performing, visual and literary arts programs; functions as a major communications resource pertaining to the arts at the local, state and national levels; assorted publications; maintains a registry of New Jersey and

New Jersey Women's History is a resource for students, teachers, and all interested people who want to know more about the history of New Jersey women.

Preservation New Jersey: Statewide privately supported organization that supports historic preservation. Their mission is to protect and promote the states' historic resources, communities and landscapes through education and advocacy.

Raritan River Music Festival: To serve the residents of the rural Northwestern New Jersey community through music presentation, creation, and cultural enrichment programs. Check for upcoming scheduled events.

The Theatre at Raritan Valley Community College - A Performing Arts in your backyard.

Open Studio - Arts Online: Very Special Arts now has a site on the web, offering even greater access to opportunities in the arts to people with disabilities.

The National Conference of State Legislatures has an on-line clearinghouse of state arts education information funded by the NEA. This clearinghouse brings arts education policy information to both elected officials nd the general public. Information includes state contacts, arts requirements for high school graduation and/or college entrance, state arts standards, teacher certification requirements, state performance measures in the arts, arts education legislation, etc.

Art Source: Perhaps the greatest website for general arts resources and bibliographies is Art Source. Among the links listed are Art History Resources, American Arts & Crafts Movement; Arts Wire, which is a national computer-based communications network for the arts community; Internet ArtResources, which will help you find galleries, museums, artists, art publications and booksellers, art shows and events, and art schools; Researching Your Art Object, contains bibliographies; and World Wide Arts Resources, which is a comprehensive registry of arts information with over 7,500 artists and tens of thousands of other arts resources registered.

Eastern Conservatory of Music and Arts: The Eastern Conservatory of Music and Arts' mission is to provide open access to high quality instruction and examples in the performing, literary and visual arts to all who seek out these opportunities

Hunterdon County, New Jersey: Check out the home page for Hunterdon County, read about the history of Hunterdon, take a guided tour through the old jail (and the newer correctional facility) and Hauptmann Trial courtroom, and learn about the various departments of county government and what they do for you.

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