List of Contests
Republican Registration & Turnout
Democratic Registration & Turnout
(Non-Partisan) Registration & Turnout
Registration & Turnout
Rep - General Assembly 15 Leg. Dist.
Rep - General Assembly 16 Leg. Dist.
Rep - General Assembly- 23rd District
Rep - Sheriff
Rep - Board of Chosen Freeholders
Rep - Mayor Bloomsbury
Rep - Mayor Clinton Town
Rep - Mayor Frenchtown
Rep - Mayor Glen Gardner
Rep - Mayor Hampton
Rep - Mayor Milford
Rep - Alexandria Township Committee
Rep - Bethlehem Township Committee
Rep - Bloomsbury Boro Council
Rep - Califon Boro Council
Rep - Clinton Town Common Council
Rep - Clinton Township Council
Rep - Delaware Township Committee
Rep - East Amwell Township Committee
Rep - Flemington Boro Council
Rep - Flemington Boro Council 1Yr UNEX
Rep - Franklin Township Committee
Rep - Frenchtown Boro Common Council
Rep - Glen Gardner Borough Council
Rep - Hampton Boro Council
Rep - High Bridge Borough Council
Rep - Holland Township Committee
Rep - Kingwood Township Committee
Rep - Lambertville City Council
Rep - Lebanon Borough Council 3Yr Term
Rep - Lebanon Township Committee
Rep - Milford Borough Common Council
Rep - Raritan Township Committee
Rep - Readington Township Committee
Rep - Stockton Boro Common Council
Rep - Tewksbury Township Committee
Rep - Union Twp Committee
Rep - West Amwell Twp Commitee
Dem - General Assembly 15 Leg. Dist.
Dem - General Assembly 16 Leg. Dist.
Dem - General Assembly- 23rd District
Dem - Sheriff
Dem - Board of Chosen Freeholders
Dem - Mayor Bloomsbury
Dem - Mayor Clinton Town
Dem - Mayor Frenchtown
Dem - Mayor Glen Gardner
Dem - Mayor Hampton
Dem - Mayor Milford
Dem - Alexandria Township Committee
Dem - Bethlehem Township Committee
Dem - Bloomsbury Boro Council
Dem - Califon Boro Council
Dem - Clinton Town Common Council
Dem - Clinton Township Council
Dem - Delaware Township Committee
Dem - East Amwell Township Committee
Dem - Flemington Boro Council
Dem - Flemington Boro Council 1Yr UNEX
Dem - Franklin Township Committee
Dem - Frenchtown Boro Common Council
Dem - Glen Gardner Borough Council
Dem - Hampton Boro Council
Dem - High Bridge Borough Council
Dem - Holland Township Committee
Dem - Kingwood Township Committee
Dem - Lambertville City Council
Dem - Lebanon Borough Council 3Yr Term
Dem - Lebanon Township Committee
Dem - Milford Borough Common Council
Dem - Raritan Township Committee
Dem - Readington Township Committee
Dem - Stockton Boro Common Council
Dem - Tewksbury Township Committee
Dem - Union Twp Committee
Dem - West Amwell Twp Commitee