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The Hunterdon County Office of Consumer Affairs provides a free service, funded by the Hunterdon County Board of Chosen Freeholders. This office evaluates, investigates and mediates consumer complaints against businesses or services located within Hunterdon County. We will refer complaints to the appropriate state or federal agency, when applicable. While we cannot recommend a business, product or service, we will provide helpful information to make informed decisions in the marketplace.

If you have a consumer complaint you must contact the business first. Try talking to a manager. Most problems are resolved at this level. If you are still not satisfied, try contacting the owner of the business or the businessís corporate headquarters. We cannot investigate or resolve complaints from consumers against other consumers nor can we take action if a complaint has involved court action or a court decision. If you are still not satisfied after contacting the business, then you may file a complaint with the Hunterdon County Office of Consumer Affairs.


Where to Begin

If you have a consumer concern with a business or service in Hunterdon County, the Consumer Affairs office is available to help resolve the problem. The office accepts complaints in the following ways:
  1. You may mail a completed Complaint Form to:
    Hunterdon County Office of Consumer Affairs
    PO Box 2900
    Flemington, New Jersey 08822-2900
  2. You may Fax a completed Complaint Form to:
    908 806-2057
  3. You may make an appointment AFTER you have completed your Complaint Form by calling:

Documentation Concerning the Complaint (receipts, invoices, contracts, warranties, etc.) will be required to support your complaint.

Your local County Consumer Affairs Office is often the best place to go when you have a problem. The office has also established relationships with many federal and state agencies and your complaint may be forwarded to the appropriate agency.

What Happens Next:

Upon receipt of a consumer complaint, the Hunterdon County Office of Consumer Affairs will attempt mediation by sending a copy of the information provided on the complaint form to the business involved in an effort to reach a resolution of the dispute. The mediation process that we provide relies on the voluntary cooperation of both the consumer and the business. The Hunterdon County Office of Consumer Affairs cannot act as your private attorney and does not act as a judge in these disputes or order any payment or action.

Any information supplied to this office will not be sold, rented, or leased to third parties and will only be used by this office to respond to the consumer or to investigate the complaint. We strongly urge consumers NOT to submit sensitive information, such as Social Security numbers or credit card information, unless it is absolutely necessary for the investigation of the complaint. If a consumer believes that they must submit such information, they may send the complaint and any attachments by mail.

In many cases, our assistance will help a consumer obtain an acceptable resolution to their problem. If your dispute remains unresolved, you may want to seek legal advice to decide whether or not you should pursue your claim in court. If the amount of money involved in your problem is less than $3,000, then small claims court may be right for you. This informal and inexpensive forum is designed to help you settle disputes without the aid of an attorney. An attorney should review complicated problems and claims involving a substantial amount of money. To locate an attorney in Hunterdon County, you may call the Hunterdon County Lawyer Referral Service 908-236-6109. For all other areas in New Jersey, you may call the Association of Trial Lawyers, NJ Lawyer Referral Service 800- 367-0089. If your income is limited, you may be able to seek help from Hunterdon County Legal Services 908-782-7979


How To Exercise Your Consumer Rights Effectively:

The first place to go when you have a consumer concern is back to the business where the merchandise and/or service was obtained. Sometimes it is necessary to contact the manufacturer of the product. Often, the results you get will be determined by how effectively you present your complaint. Do Not be discouraged if, initially, you do not obtain satisfaction. Persistence has its rewards.

It is important that you include specific details of your complaint. Include all of the following that are applicable to your complaint.

  • Your name and address
  • Your home and work telephone numbers
  • Name, address and telephone numbers of the business you have a complaint against.
  • A concise description of the problem, listed in chronological order.
  • Copies of invoices, sales slips, receipts, contracts, warranties, etc. (Do not send your originals).
  • Copies of cancelled checks, (front and back).
  • Copy of your credit card statement, if item was charged.
  • Name(s) of salesperson(s) or representative(s) of the business you have spoken with.
  • Copies of related correspondence.
  • Indication of the resolution you desire.

=Until your complaint is resolved, it is important to keep copies of everything related to your case.=







Consumers nationwide are now able to obtain free copies of their credit histories from the three national credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion), once every 12 months, by making a single request.

You may also contact the credit bureaus individually:





Most of these documents will be in portable document format ("PDF") files which may be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader (available free from the Adobe Website).





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