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CADB Overview
The Hunterdon County Board of Chosen Freeholders created the CADB in 1980 in response to the public's interest in retaining the County's agricultural heritage. In 1983, the CADB officially became the administering agency for the State Agriculture Retention and Development Program, the current statewide farmland preservation program. The CADB is made up of twelve (12) voting members, which include seven (7) farmers and five (5) residents/business owners. In addition, there are four (4) ex-officio members, including the County Agricultural Agent, a representative from the County Soil Conservation District, a County Planning Board Representative and a Freeholder.

The CADB is committed to implementing a voluntary farmland preservation program that will retain a sufficient amount of land to support a viable agricultural economy.

CADB Members:

  • David Bond, Chair (Farmer) 12/31/19
  • Robert Hoffmann, Jr., (Farmer) 12/31/19
  • Susan Blew (Farmer) 12/31/18
  • Marc Phillips (Farmer) 12/31/17
  • John Perehinys (Farmer) 12/31/17
  • Gerry Lyness (Farmer) 12/31/17
  • Ted Harwick (Public) 12/31/17
  • John Van Nuys (Public) 12/31/16
  • David C. Kyle (Public) 12/31/19
  • Elizabeth Schmid (Public) 12/31/17
  • Martin Bercaw (Public) 12/31/17
  • Shaun C. Van Doren (Public) 12/31/19

CADB Ex-Officio Members:

  • Willam E. Engisch, Soil Conservation District
  • John Lanza, Freeholder Liaison
  • Win Cowgill, Rutgers Cooperative Extension
  • Bob Mickel, Rutgers Cooperative Extension
CADB Staff: CADB Liaisons:
A CADB Liaison is a municipal representative appointed by a mayor who is responsible for understanding the farmland preservation program and is available at the municipal level to coordinate farmland preservation efforts between the landowners, municipality and County about the program. For a list of CADB Municipal Liaisons names, please contact the County Agriculture Development Board Office at 908-788-1490.

Contact Information:
Hunterdon County Agriculture Development Board (CADB)
PO Box 2900
Flemington, NJ 08822-2900
908-788-1490 (phone)
908-788-1662 (facsimile)