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CADB Mission Statement
To define the CADB's role in farmland preservation and to help guide future policies, the following mission statement and program objectives were adopted by the CADB: "Promote the present and future of Hunterdon County agriculture by preserving agricultural land and by promoting public education and agricultural viability."

CADB Program Objectives

  • Create critical masses of preserved farmland.
  • Preserve farms characterized by soils of prime and statewide importance.
  • Give priority to farms with implemented soil conservation plans.
  • Coordinate CADB preservation efforts with State Agriculture Development Committee (SADC), municipal, and nonprofit organization farmland preservation efforts.
  • Promote the education of farmers, government officials, and the public about farmland preservation, the Right to Farm Act, and other pertinent agricultural matters.
  • Work with municipal, county, and state agencies and nonprofit organizations to encourage tourism.
  • Promote agribusiness opportunities through education and advocacy.
  • Promote soil and water stewardship on preserved farms by requiring an implemented soil conservation plan that is periodically updated.
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