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Agriculture in Hunterdon County
While Hunterdon County has lost some of its scenic vistas of rolling cornfields and dairy barns, agriculture is still alive and well. Hunterdon County continues to have a large land area of farms: 127,043 farmland assessed acres according to the 2005 NJ Farmland Assessment. This number amounts to about 39% of the total acreage of the County and 13.6% of New Jersey’s total farmland. The average farm size in Hunterdon County is 72 acres according to the 2002 Census of Agriculture. There is a trend towards high value crops and specialty crops and animals, such as vegetables, horticulture and organic foods and herbs. Horse farms continue to be popular, hence the market for the County's large hay production.

Hunterdon County's Farmland Preservation Program is administered by the CADB. For more information visit the links below.

Contact Information:
email: cadb@co.hunterdon.nj.us
phone: 908-788-1490


March 7, 12 & 14, 2013: Landowners and Farmers Invited to Attend Informational Leasing Meetings

March 14, 2013 - 1pm to 4pm:Annual Northwestern New Jersey Field and Forage Crop Production Seminar

200,000 Acres Preserved



October 11, 2012: Christie Administration Announces Major New Milestone for Farmland Preservation "200,000 Acres and Growing"