Back to I Remember...

Clyde Fleming

People today have everything,
And yet, yet they gripe more than they sing.
There is no praise, just only greed;
They never get enough, indeed.
But back when I was just a boy
Our lives were full of Peace and Joy.
We had no 'lectric radios,
Or closets full of fancy clothes.
No TV. to steal all our time.
We seldom had a shiny dime.
We had no washers, and we dried
Our clothes upon a line outside.
We had no running water, and
Each morning to the Outhouse ran.
Electric lites were then unknown
As also was the telephone.
No 'lectric fans to keep us cool;
The river was our swimming pool.
The only cars were model tees
Which we outran with childish ease.
We had no malls or super marts;
No frozen foods or Perdue parts.
French fries were then unknown, And ice-cream was five cents a cone.
We wore our shoes till full of holes,
Then used cardboard to patch the soles.
We earned our living; worked real hard;
Nobody owned a credit card.
We never saw a lady smoke or drink or tell
A risque joke.
Happiness with Less

We took our weather day by day.
They taught the three R's in our schools
As well as God's sweet Golden Rules.
The Lord's Day was a Holy Day;
Not meant for traveling or play.
And that's the way we lived back there
When life was truly good and fair.
How sad that folks today can't find Contentment, Joy and Peace of Mind! And all because, like Queens and Kings They live for pleasure, fun and things.
The moral of this poem, I guess, is


The secret is Simplicity!
And that's the life for you and me.
If only we could travel back;
"Twould Eden Be, and That's a Fact!"

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