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Hunterdon County Department of Public Safety


Population/Active Charge Report
As of November 23, 2015


George F. Wagner, Director of Public Safety
John Paulmeno, Correctional Administrator


Inmates are Processed at the Hunterdon County Correctional Facility and then Transferred to the Somerset County Jail.
Charges and bail are subject to change. For further information contact Booking at 908-788-1184

Aguilar Tomas HC34283 MJ/ over 50G hash; mfg/D/D HER/C $10,000ea
Apgar Rebecca HC34544 burglary-ente; theft $5,000 each
Baker George HC34504 poss sch 1 11 $25,000
Barnes Paul HC34516 theft credit $25,000
Baucan Michael HC34487 poss sch $5,000
Begosh William HC31272 burglary-ent; theft betwee (2 counts) $25,000 each
Bennett Michael HC33901 shoplift  DP no bail
Benzick Kimberly HC34493 conspiracy no bail
Berry Garrett HC27178 shoplift DB; possession of $500; $10,000
Bezick Kimberly HC34493 conspiracy no bail
Brite Carlton HC34031 poss ˃ 1 oz; conspiracy no bail
Brown Tony HC25614 MJ over 50G hash no bail
Bruno Nicole HC34460 under - ring w/; poss. CDS-3 $5,000 each
Burley Jamaal HC34492 theft by unla; poss sch no bail
Cantagallo Patricia HC34223 under-ring w/ No bail
Carman Jeffrey HC22240 resisting arr $10,000
Condran Brandon HC32538 poss sch 1 no bail
Cosme Raul HC33072 eludng LEO-F $50,000
Cozzens Thomas HC29432 drunk or drug no bail
Cruse Eric HC19903 violation of  no bail
Cruz Selvin HC34391 sexual assaul; endanger welf $100,000 ea.
Cryan, Jr. John HC33472 assault by auto no bail
Durnin Nicholas HC34394 fugitive from; endang welf; eluding LEO-F; certain perso $50,000 each
Exilus Pascal 34547 poss schd I; mfg/D/D other; poss weap; unlaw poss we; certain perso $10,000 each
Fileccia Renee HC29320 poss CDS-3 $40,000
Gelin Bereka HC34546 poss schd I; unlaw poss we; certain perso $10,000 each
Gonnella Angelin HC34392 poss. CDS-3; conspiracy $15,000 each
Gonzalez Ricardo HC32700 threatens vio no bail
Greco Andrea HC34395 drunk or drug no bail
Greenwood Joseph HC34312 threatens vio $20,000
Grover Dale HC34011 crim sexu no bail
Guadagnino Ann HC33626 burglary-ente; theft by unla $15,000 each
Heafy Jason HC34038 theft by unlaw no bail
Hicks Tyrell HC33936 Eluding Leo $20,000
Hixson Anthony HC11723 att cause pur  $2,500
Houir Jeffry HC34047 Robbery; terror act $1,000,000
Huber Kevin HC31034 burglary; burglary-ente; theft by unlaw; receiv sto; conspiracy $35,000 each
Jenrette Lloyd HC33146 Poss/distrb/manufr No bail
Johnson Deana HC31750 mfg/dist/dis $35,000
Kamara Abdulai HC34490 forgery-utter no bail
Katz Dorinda HC34500 burglary-ent; theft by unla $7,500 each
Kohut, Jr Donald HC32792 impersonating no bail
Kuc Alisa HC33748 burglary-ente (4 counts); theft by unla (4 counts);
forger-false; forgery-utter 
$4,000 ea burglary count;
$15,000 1st theft;
$4,000 ea sbsq theft count;
$15,000 ea forgery 
Linton Danny HC34365 receiving stolen $5,000
Matay Edward HC34528 conspiracy no bail
Mason William HC28901 conspiracy no bail
McCracken James HC24261 poss sch $50,000
Miller David HC34357 crim sex cont $2,500
Miller Jon Pau HC32907 contempt No bail
Mohony Sgro Colleen - WEEKEND LOCKUP -
Molnar Thomas HC24271 contempt (2 counts) no bail
Muller Michael HC24035 contempt no bail
Navidad Luis HC34178 Sex asslt endgr welf $100,000 ea.
Neesen Caitlin HC34402 under-ring w/; receiv possess. of no bail
Nguyen Tiep 34480 drunk or drug no bail
Nylk Nancy 34458 drunk or drug no bail
Ohnmacht Gayle HC32868 resisting arr; contempt - JU $5000 ea.
Owens Joseph HC34281 MJ/ over 50G hash (2 counts); manuf/disp/PO/obtain/possess $10,000ea
Pajunas James HC29165 contempt; receiving sto; poss MJ over 50G H $1,500; $10,000; $10,000 rspctvly
Pargeans Andrew HC34186 theft by dece; wrongful impe: credit cards $25,000 each
Potter Avery HC23639 take, operate; receiving stol; elud LEO $15,000 each
Pramanik  Ashiful HC34539 poss schd I no bail
Prandi Justin HC34481 agg.aslt-4; threatens vio; crim restrain; poss; weap poss-kni;
weapon poss u; unlaw poss we
$5,000 each
Rasheed Sohail HC34541 obstruct admi; resist arr; elude LEO-F; $20,000 each
Reiser Robert HC32796 burglary-ente no bail
Risko Lee HC33926 theft by unla no bail
Roach James HC17964 crim restrain $15,000
Ross Justin HC33960 conspiracy no bail
Ruppe Thomas HC25456 simple assault; att cause pur no bail
Santiago Samanth HC33649 abuse of chil no bail
Senia Michael HC34491 poss sch $2,500
Serridge Jason HC32610 burglary - elem no bail
Slack Randall HC33480 violation of no bail
Smith Brian HC34149 conspiracy $75,000
Snover Harry HC31334 burglary no bail
Snyder Charles HC26343 burglary-ente; theft by unla $25,000 each
Soja Logan HC34138 sex asslt $150,000
Stewart Shane HC3405 receiving sto no bail
Stocker Naomi HC33955 dist/possess no bail
Tawfix Ibrahim HC29109 obtain/possess no bail
Taylor Joshua HC34369 agg asault us $35,000
Thacker Kerry HC34003 Eluding leo; poss cds; mfg/dist/disp cds/poss weapon; unlawful poss of weapon; certain person not to have weapon $50,000
Tiller John HC33875 theft-illegal $20,000
Tillett II Ronald HC27767 contempt no bail
Tulloch  Jo Rajah HC3998 1conspiracy no bail
Vandergrif Kimberly HC33617 shoplift DP no bail
Venneri James - WEEKEND LOCKUP -
Vernon Andrew HC32750 sex offender no bail
Vesce Neil HC34438 agg asault us; agg. asslt; poss of weap $50,000 each
Vinas Cast Benito HC33064 shoplift DP no bail
Whitlock Milton HC29068 receiv stol; poss sch $25,000 each
Winston Sherman HC33405 forgery - utter no bail
Williams Robert HC34484 poss sch $3,369
Woodman Michael HC3441 poss schd I $15,000
Zamorsky Sarah HC33607 shoplift DP no bail




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